QUIZ: Which Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Critter Are You? 

Tiana's Bayou Adventure Which Critter Are You Quiz

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is officially open at Walt Disney World Resort, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to the toe-tapping, finger-snapping party! If you’ve been following along on the Disney Parks Blog, you may have already met the all-new critters you’ll encounter in the bayou: members who play Zydeco, Afro-Cuban and Rara music. 

These musical critters are as unique as the different sounds of New Orleans. Wonder which one is most like you? Find out by taking this quiz! 

How to play: Based on your response to each prompt, follow the arrows until you reach the end.  

Tiana's Bayou Adventure Which Critter Are You Quiz

Critter Quiz Results 

Byhalia the Beaver 

Byhalia builds musical instruments using materials from the bayou, and chances are you’re innovative just like her! While you’re probably a bit strong-willed, you’re the heartbeat of your friend group and were born with natural talent. 

Lari the Armadillo 

If you love stirring up a little mischief, you’re just like Lari! Your friends never know what your next move is, and you always have a story up your sleeve. No matter where your adventures lead, you’ve got a strong conscience that means you’ll always do the right thing in the end.  

Timoléon the Otter 

If you’re like Timoléon, you’re always itching to explore new places! Your sharp memory means you recall the tiniest details of your adventures, making you an encyclopedia of knowledge. Your friends know they can always come to you for a dose of wisdom. 

Beau the Opossum  

You see beauty everywhere you look — including within yourself! While people might say you see the world through rose-colored glasses, you love finding the good in everything. It means there’s no end to the limitless possibilities you’ll dream up.   

Mayra the Frog 

If you’ve got an extra-large heaping of ambition, you’re probably Mayra! You have a natural talent that you’ve worked hard to develop — and you love showing it off in the spotlight. People are drawn to your unique skills. 

Felipe the Frog 

Tradition is important to you, so you might be a little old school! You’re a natural leader and entrepreneur, but you also know how to have a little fun. You put your chosen family above all, which makes you a great role model. 

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