The 25th Anniversary Cinderella Castle Cake at Walt Disney World


Sure, there were 25 candles signifying the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort for all to see at the entrance to Magic Kingdom, but it’s not what guests remember the most. The pink 25th Anniversary Cinderella Castle cake made its debut in 1996 as a grand birthday surprise for all.

The pink Cinderella Castle cake was a temporary installation during the 25th anniversary celebration.
The pink Cinderella Castle overlay lasted just a short time.

Baking Up the Concept and Design

The “Cinderella Castle Cake” was designed to resemble a towering, whimsical birthday cake complete with:

  • Bright Pink Icing: The entire castle was painted in vibrant pink to mimic a frosted cake.
  • Candy Decorations: Oversized gumdrops, lifesavers, lollipops, and other candy pieces adorned the spires and turrets.
  • Candy Cane Towers: The spires were wrapped in stripes to resemble candy canes.
  • Birthday Candles: The tallest towers were topped with candle-like structures, some even appearing to be “lit” with flames.
  • Icing Drip Effects: The walls and turrets featured details to mimic dripping icing.

Creating the castle cake required meticulous planning and execution. Disney’s Imagineers and decorators used a variety of techniques and materials to achieve the look, including:

  • Inflatable Elements: Some of the decorations, like the lollipops, were inflatable to ensure they were lightweight and could be safely attached to the structure.
  • Paint and Fabric: Specialized paints and fabrics were used to cover the castle and create the frosting effect.
  • Structural Modifications: Temporary modifications were made to accommodate the decorations without damaging the castle.

25th Anniversary Cinderella Castle Cake: By the Numbers

With 55,040 tablespoons of pink paint in three different shades (who kept count? I lose count after counting out five tablespoons!), the pink Cinderella Castle cake was rich enough to satisfy any sweet tooth with the following toppings:

  • 50 gumballs
  • 30 lollipops
  • 4 Life Savers
  • 12 gum drops
  • 16 red candy hearts
  • 16 green candy stars

During the 25th anniversary, guests knew it was Time to Remember the Magic and the transformation of Cinderella Castle into a big pink cake is one memory no one is soon to forget.

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