Celebrating Tanabata—The Star Festival at Tokyo Disney Resort

Celebrating Tanabata Star Festival at Tokyo Disney Resort

Have you ever heard of Tanabata? Also known as The Star Festival, it is one of Japan’s traditional events that takes place on July 7. Legend has it that on this day, the two star-crossed lovers Altair and Vega, who are usually separated by the Milky Way, are able to meet once this time each year. We celebrate this day with the custom of writing wishes on strips of paper and Tokyo Disney Resort is decked out to celebrate—so let’s check it out!

At the Tanabata exclusive Welcome Greeting that took place right after opening, I joined the cast dressed in colorful yukata (casual summer kimono) and welcomed our guests to the park. In Japan, we like to dress up in yukata for fireworks shows and festivals that take place in the summertime. Even some of our guests come to our parks dressed in yukata so that they can engage with the Tanabata events.

A few of our guests and cast even secretly told me what their wishes were. I hope they all come true…

Welcome Greeting with Cast Members
Welcome Greeting

As darkness fell on the day and the stars shined so brightly in the sky, cast members waved flashlights and bid farewell to our guests. Tanabata is not the only event that takes place at Tokyo Disney Resort—there are many, many more events for guests to enjoy throughout the year! But on this day, and only on this day, we celebrate Tanabata. Wouldn’t you like to gaze up at the Milky Way and make a wish on this super romantic day?

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