Top Books Making Waves this Earth Month

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Water inspires us, nourishes us, supports all life on Earth and covers most of our planet (about 70%!). Just as a small splash ripples across a still lake, every simple action impacts the ecosystems around us.  

Earth Month is the perfect opportunity to dive into the wonders of water—from raging rivers to the depths of the ocean. It’s our annual reminder to continue learning how to put possibility into practice and help safeguard our planet’s most precious resource. 

National Geographic has spent over 135 years exploring underwater worlds to uncover stories that inspire tangible action. These must-read books delve into almost every facet of our planet’s water, with perfect options for explorers of all ages. 

“Fin-Tastic” New Releases for Young Readers 

The fun and fascinating discoveries can continue year-round with two new books from National Geographic Kids.  

Both “Weird But True Sharks,” available starting May 9, 2023, and “National Geographic Kids Puzzle Book of the Ocean,” set to release on May 23, 2023, are packed with fun facts, fascinating insights and breathtaking photos to help you soak in the science. While the former is dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of sharks, the latter includes crosswords, puzzles, word searches and other interactive games to help young explorers learn all about the ocean and marine life. 

While you get excited for these new releases, be sure to check out the other thought-provoking and visually captivating books in National Geographic’s expansive library of water and ocean-focused content. 

Learn Why Every Drop Counts with Lisa Gerry 

“Earth Month is a wonderful time to take stock of the ways in which you’re interacting with the environment,” said Lisa Gerry, a seasoned journalist with over a decade of experience authoring various publications for National Geographic.  

Her latest book, “WATER! Why every drop counts and how you can start making waves to protect it,” was released just last month.  

“My dad is a marine scientist and ever since I was very young, my parents, sister and I talked a lot about environmental issues, including water,” Lisa recalled. “Those conversations were woven into everyday life. So, I was so excited for the opportunity to write this book, to delve deeper into these topics and to pass on to readers what I discovered.” 

It’s never too early to start learning about our impact on the environment, including the many issues tied to water — the availability of clean drinking water, drought, rising sea levels and more. The book is a perfect way for young readers to begin investigating the ins and outs of water, and what they can do right now to help combat climate change.  

“We know better than to stay the course that led us here, and I hope this book offers some guidance as to how together, we can do better,” she stated. “We have a responsibility to learn as much as we can and do as much as we can to conserve and protect our planet.” 

Dive Into Ocean Conservation with National Geographic’s Sylvia Earle 

According to Sylvia Earle, a world-renowned marine biologist, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and author of “Ocean: A Global Odyssey,” the biggest threat to the ocean is the widespread lack of public awareness that we exist because the ocean does. 

“If the ocean is in trouble, we are in trouble. It is — and we are,” she said. 

“Ocean: A Global Odyssey” is the fourth big ocean book Sylvia has published with National Geographic, and one of the more than 190 scientific, technical and popular publications she has authored throughout her career.   

The book transports readers into the depths of the world’s ocean, addressing new insights about its fundamental role as Earth’s life support system. In addition to making our planet habitable for all life, the ocean drives climate and weather, shapes planetary chemistry and serves as home to the greatest abundance and diversity of life. 

“I was thrilled to be able to help create a book that makes the science accessible, the message of concern urgent and hope inspiring action as the bottom line,” Sylvia reflected, adding that she finds joy in crafting stories and selecting images that bring readers beneath the surface. 

Through essays, exceptional photographs, maps and more, “Ocean: A Global Odyssey,” documents what is being done to turn “tipping points” into “turning points.” Each chapter features a “Hope Spot,” as well as profiles of people who are making a difference as scientists, explorers and conservation heroes. 

“I hope readers will be motivated to explore the ocean for themselves, and to do what they can, individually and collectively, to take care of the ocean — no matter where they are on Earth,” said Sylvia. 

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