5 New Disney Lollipop Merch Items You’ll Crave in April

Sweet New Merch! Disney Eats: Lollipop Collection

Today we’re continuing our special 12-part series of Disney Eats treat-themed merchandise with an early look at some absolutely lovable lollipop surprises launching on April 16. 

For me, the month of April is an indicator that spring has officially arrived and it’s time to start pulling out all my cute and colorful clothes for the season – that match this month’s lollipop treats you’ll be able to find at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and online at DisneyStore.com

Disney Eats Minnie Mouse Lollipop Ear Headband

I absolutely love browsing through the Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen in Disneyland Park, especially the lollipop displays. Even as an adult, I still find myself enamored with the rows of colorful, swirled candy goodness. And now I find myself just as smitten with the Minnie Mouse Lollipop Ear Headband, which looks nearly good enough to eat!  

The ear headband pairs perfectly with the Mickey Mouse Lollipop Spirit Jersey, which comes in Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort versions and features a vibrant pattern of Mickey Mouse icon lollipops. 

The same pattern decorates the Mickey Mouse Lollipop Loungefly Mini Backpack, along with the exterior pocket that resembles a Mickey Mouse-shaped lollipop with a big bite taken out of it. 

Looks like Stitch couldn’t resist indulging in some lollipops either! And for the first time, Angel joins in the foodie fun as a cuddly plushy dressed in her own lollipop-patterned outfit alongside her fellow mischief maker.  

Stitch Attacks Snacks Lollipop Pin Set

The duo is also shown happily enjoying Mickey Mouse-shaped lollipops in the limited release Stitch Attacks Snacks Lollipop Pin Set. This fourth collection from the Stitch Attacks Snacks continuity series launches today on DisneyStore.com and in Disney Parks. 

If your sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied, stay tuned for more details on next month’s Disney Eats Collection and Stitch Attacks Snacks theme, one of my personal favorite treats, ice cream!