The ‘Fur’ever Friendship Between Disney Imagineers Jacklyn and Noodle

When Jacklyn received an offer to become a communications professional intern at Walt Disney Imagineering, the team discovered that a second member would be joining her as well – Noodle, her service dog! Sporting fashionable pink booties on construction sites and commonly seen curled up next to an ice-cold wall, Noodle is the first canine Imagineer in Florida, and she quickly stole the hearts of all on the Florida campus.

But Jacklyn and Noodle’s story truly began in 2020 after discovering the two shared an instant connection.

“I remember throwing Dollie – now Noodle – a toy when we first met, but she had no interest in it. Instead, she curled herself right in my lap, and I knew she was coming home with me,” Jacklyn explained. “Since then, I can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve been apart. She’s a lover, a cuddler, and she saves my life on a constant basis.”

Noodle is Jacklyn’s right-hand pup, able to detect any issues within her cardiac and respiratory systems. For this reason, Noodle follows Jacklyn wherever she goes – including to work. Jacklyn has been a professional intern for nearly a year in Walt Disney Imagineering’s communications department, and the experience has been everything she’s dreamed of and more.

“Walt Disney Imagineering has gone above and beyond to accommodate Noodle and make sure she’s happy, healthy, and safe,” Jacklyn said. “I never thought I’d adopt a service animal, and it was intimidating coming into a new space without knowing how people would react to her. Noodle was accepted immediately, and she’s truly a member of the Imagineering team.”

In fact, Noodle is such a beloved Imagineer that she makes everyone smile wherever she goes. Her off-duty habits include tending to dozens of rubber ducks under Jacklyn’s desk, lounging in her orthopedic bed, or visiting cubicles searching for pets and cuddles – which are extremely easy to come by. Recently, the team even threw Noodle a surprise fourth birthday party, complete with puppy presents and a cake.

“Noodle doesn’t just keep me safe. She makes everyone else happy too, which melts my heart,” Jacklyn said. “Imagineering legends that I’ve idolized my entire life love Noodle as much as I do. Whether it’s a smile in the hallway or pets around the office, I hear all the time that their days are instantly better when they meet her.”

We hope reading about Jacklyn and Noodle’s story makes your day brighter too. ChEARs to these two incredible Imagineers, and to Walt Disney Imagineering for fostering a positive and accommodative environment to all cast members!