How 3 Cast Members Brought Joy to an Office Building with Disney-Inspired Art

This week, we at Consumer Products, Games and Publishing (CPGP) have the privilege of highlighting three individuals who have not only made significant impacts in their respective fields but are also responsible for beautifying our new office in Celebration, Florida with stunning artwork: Art Director Jean-Paul Orpiñas, Manager of Store Design & Development Katie Boyce and Director of Design Scott Piehl.

This CPGP office was recently flooded with beautiful artwork, wall murals and product displays featuring characters and themes from Marvel Studios to Star Wars, to Disney Princess characters. Jean-Paul, Katie and Scott began working together in late spring of 2022 to bring the blank office walls to life. “Whether the people coming into the office are visitors, cast members who work there every day, or first-time employees entering the company, they deserve to have that Disney magic around them,” Scott said.

Scott joined Katie and Jean-Paul on their first walk through the building. Armed with a tape measure and a vision, the trio spent 10 hours mapping out the entire building, deciding between framed art or murals, which pieces would go where, and the theme for each floor. Over the course of three months, they carefully selected and plotted each piece of art.

“This project has been a celebration of everything from art to creativity, to coming together after working from home for so long. We wanted people to feel creativity bouncing off the walls when they walked into the building.” – Katie Boyce

Coming from the retail space, Katie laid out the building leveraging a bubble map to outline which franchise or theme would go where. In leading Program and Process Management, her daily focus is on creating consistency and efficiency across all projects. Katie’s project management skills have been crucial in managing the art and murals, while ensuring that everything stays organized, on track and on budget. She also finds the job extremely rewarding. “Only a fraction of what is coming has been installed and we’re already seeing such a positive response,” she shared.

“The most rewarding part of the work is creating a workspace that is inspirational and helps cultivate a culture of positivity and creativity,” said Jean-Paul Orpiñas.

As a third-generation artist, Jean-Paul was excited to create an artistic environment that reinforces the CPGP culture and celebrates our portfolio of brands and products through storytelling. “Every day I would get inspired by the building. The way light dances in the space can be so inspiring and help you decide what kind of art would go where,” Jean-Paul explained. “You needed to see the art if you were 30 feet away or if you were 1 foot away. It all must have the same impact.” With the company’s vast portfolio of art at their fingertips, the possibilities were endless.

“My team of designers across the country have used the 1390 project to get to know each other. It has given them a better understanding of all the art and assets available to them.” –Scott Piehl

From 2,500 miles away in Glendale, Scott was determined to help the team in any way he could. As a director of Design, Scott developed the visuals for the building along with Jean-Paul, while utilizing the talents of his team of designers across the country. “The opportunity to expand the team’s design capabilities and show off the talents of the amazing design department has made this a very rewarding project.” Together, they reviewed CPGP’s portfolio, which while fun, was admittedly daunting, as Scott stated, “there was such a wealth of beautiful material.”

Many of the murals are new creations from existing art resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces unique to the 1390 Celebration space. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of Jean-Paul, Katie and Scott, CPGP employees can enjoy 372 pieces of art around the building. Their dedication to creating something exceptional for their fellow colleagues extended far beyond their desks, resulting in a truly remarkable space.