Disney Ignites Innovation in Central Florida at Sparks STEM Fest

Science and technology are all around us! Here at Walt Disney World Resort, a team of brilliant engineers is behind every attraction and experience using technology and innovation to bring stories to life.   

Our Central Florida community recently got a peek behind some of the magic during the annual Spark STEM Fest at the Orlando Science Center.  Disney has been involved in this event (previously Otronicon) since its first run 17 years ago, showcasing the natural and technical science our cast members use in their roles.

“The bulk of the work we do as engineers is rooted in rides and shows, working to optimize their performance, efficiency and safety,” said Eric Moy, senior systems engineer with Global Engineering and Technology. With a passion for robotics, Eric helped develop the exhibit where students and residents across our community were able to experience an interactive activity at this year’s Spark STEM Fest.

Through consistent participation, Disney engineers like Moy hope to inspire students to witness the magic they can create by working in this field and experiencing the boundless future of a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 

At this year’s exhibit, visitors learned about the difference between open-loop and closed-loop control systems, concepts used daily by engineers at Walt Disney World Resort. During an interactive demonstration, visitors experienced a similar technology currently used at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. This technology utilizes multiple antennas to receive frequency feedback from an embedded wire in the vehicle ride path which guides the automated vehicle through the attraction. 

“Walt Disney World Resort is The Most Magical Place on Earth, but a big takeaway for these kids is that the technology displayed here at our parks is well within their reach,” Moy said. “They are beyond capable of one day creating their own magic in STEM if they choose to pursue it.” 

Our participation in the Spark STEM Fest contributes to our Disney Future Storytellers efforts, empowering young students to think about their futures, build their talents and skills, and become who they imagine they can be.   

To all those who think your dreams are far from reach, just close your eyes and map out your journey in STEM!