Room With A View: Red Rocks in Sedona With Adventures by Disney

If you’ve followed my posts on the Disney Parks Blog you’ve likely seen me lament the fact that I have yet to ever visit the Grand Canyon. It’s high on my “to do” list, but I’m waiting for the day my toddler is old enough to travel there with me on the Adventures by Disney Arizona and Utah vacation.

And it’s more than just visiting the Grand Canyon that draws me to this destination. From hiking in Arches National Park to Colorado River rafting, off-roading in Monument Valley and more, this trip showcases the beauty of some of America’s National Parks (which just happen to be celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2016) in a way that makes exploring them easy and accessible for families. And for me, as a “grown up” (by most definitions anyway), I can’t help but feel drawn in by the serene allure of Sedona.


I mean, look at this view! Surrounded by red rock formations and 70 acres of scrub forest, I can’t think of anything more sublimely enchanting than waking up to this beautiful Red Rocks vista in Sedona with Adventures by Disney.