5 Little-Known Facts About Disney’s Iconic Wedding Pavilion

5 Little-Known Facts About Disney’s Iconic Wedding Pavilion blog header

This weekend, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons is celebrating the 28th anniversary of Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. This iconic wedding venue at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has been the backdrop to countless love stories and is often referred to as Disney Weddings’ “crown jewel”. In honor of the 28th anniversary, we’re sharing 5 fun facts about the venue!

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion window with magnified view of Cinderella Castle
Disney’s Wedding Pavilion features a window specially designed by Disney Imagineers to magnify the view of Cinderella Castle.

That’s right! Disney Imagineers designed a window that would magnify Cinderella Castle giving couples and their wedding guests the dreamiest view of Magic Kingdom and Cinderella Castle.

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion sits on its own private island
Disney’s Wedding Pavilion sits on its own private island and can only be accessed via a bridge.

Over 28 years ago, when Disney was deciding where to construct the purpose-built wedding venue, they knew they wanted to offer the best view of Cinderella Castle. So, the team created an island on the water that would offer the dreamiest view of Magic Kingdom.

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion bathrooms, mirror resembles a clock
Inside the Disney’s Wedding Pavilion bathrooms, the mirrors resemble a clock, and the time never quite strikes midnight.

Throughout Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, there are many details inspired by the beloved fairy tale, Cinderella, including the bathroom mirrors. And, because we never want the magic to end—the clock never strikes midnight.

A Hidden Mickey at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion
Hidden Mickeys can be found throughout Disney’s Wedding Pavilion.

If you love searching for hidden Mickeys, then be sure to keep your eye peeled when inside Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. There are a few Mickey silhouettes hidden throughout the intricate architectural detailing. 

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion offers wedding suites where the couple and their wedding party can relax (and stay hidden!) before the ceremony. 

There are three spacious suites that the couple and their wedding party can enjoy moments before the ceremony—complete with private bathrooms, mirrors, and water stations. 

A Bride and Groom at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion
Dreaming of a Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding?  

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