Ultimate Guide to Baby Care Centers at Walt Disney World Resort 

There is nothing quite as wonderful as experiencing the magic of Walt Disney World Resort through even the tiniest of eyes.  

However, when those tiny eyes begin to cry and those little mouths quiver for food, where do you go to keep your little one happy, all while staying in the magic? Three words … Baby Care Centers

Located within each of the four theme parks, the Baby Care Centers give families a dedicated space to take care of all of their baby’s and toddler’s needs in a welcoming, calming environment that really feels like home.  

Once through the doors of the Baby Care Centers, guests will find spacious changing areas, comfortable seating, private nursing rooms (complete with rocking chairs and easy to access outlets), restrooms and TVs continually running Disney classic movies. That’s right, if there is a big brother or sister in tow, even they will enjoy a little down time here. 

In addition to all the essential facilities for diaper changes and feedings, these well thought out Baby Care Centers also offer amenities such as water filter stations, sinks, bottle warmers and microwaves. And let’s not forget the highchairs! 

Did you forget a bib? Perhaps you ran out of diapers? The Baby Care Centers have select essentials available for purchase. And did you know that these facilities are also the only location in the four theme parks where children’s medicines may be purchased? 

The list of services all these centers have to offer goes on and on, but let’s take a moment and allow planDisney panelists Brent and Jennifer S. to show us all they have to offer as they tour all four Baby Care Centers at Disney World. 

Wow, the Baby Care Centers really are so much more than a place to change a diaper! They are also a wonderful place for families to take a break and recharge.  

Whether it’s for a nursing baby or a restless toddler, these facilities give everyone in the party a place to regroup, reset and get ready to delve back into the magic of their Disney vacation! 

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