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The time has come for all guests to be digitized as Users and enter the Grid of TRON Lightcycle / Run presented by Enterprise. The much-anticipated attraction has arrived at Magic Kingdom Park, and fresh out of the Grid are a few planDisney panelists. Together they are here to provide guests with all the tips they need to know to navigate the newest thrill ride at Walt Disney World Resort.


The legacy of TRON began in 1982 when the original Disney film was released in July of that year. The film follows Kevin Flynn, a game maker who is convinced his former employer stole a video game program he wrote while employed at ENCOM. It is quite the story and one that Disney’s own Steven Miller describes in fantastic detail in his recent TRON blog post on the Disney Parks Blog.

Fast forward almost 30 years later, and Disney’s “TRON: Legacy” is released on Dec. 17, 2010. The story picks up with Kevin’s son, Sam Flynn, trying to solve the mystery of his father’s strange disappearance. While investigating, Sam receives a signal from Flynn’s Arcade, and he is suddenly drawn into the same cyberworld his father has been trapped in for years! With the help of some fearless friends, Sam must escape from a universe that is more than he could have ever dreamed up!

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Now in 2023, it is time for guests to enter the Grid on TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom Park. Located in Tomorrowland, this attraction is the home of Sam Flynn’s second gateway into the Grid. Second? Yes! The first gateway can actually be found at Shanghai Disneyland in TRON Lightcycle Power Run!

Once in the attraction, guests are digitized and taken to the Grid to join Team Blue to race one of the Grid’s other programs. Traveling on your own Lightcycle, you will race against your opponents in an attempt to successfully navigate through eight energy gates and claim your rightful victory!

The Virtual Queue and Individual Lightning Lane Entry

At this time there is no standby queue for TRON Lightcycle / Run, and guests may experience the attraction through a virtual queue or by purchasing an individual Lightning Lane entry. 

planDisney panelist Samantha reminds guests that in order to enter the virtual queue, they will need both valid theme park admission and a park reservation for Magic Kingdom Park. And guests will have two chances to join the virtual queue. At 7:00 am., guests can try for a spot in the virtual queue using their My Disney Experience app and have a valid admission and theme park reservation. If they are unable to join the virtual queue at that time, they may try again at 1:00 p.m. She reminds guests that to enter the virtual queue in the afternoon, they must be within Magic Kingdom Park. 

If a guest is successful at joining the virtual queue, they will be assigned a boarding group. When their boarding group is called, they will receive a notification from the My Disney Experience app and will have a one-hour window to arrive at the attraction. Late guests may not be accommodated, so make sure to plan accordingly! If a guest is looking for another way to experience TRON Lightcycle / Run, they may purchase an individual Lightning Lane entry on the day of their visit using the My Disney Experience app. Purchasing an individual Lightning Lane entry allows the guest to choose a one-hour arrival window.

Entering the Grid

“As we have come to know and love, the Imagineers don’t just make rides. They make experiences, explains Matt. “They completely and totally immerse you in a story so that you feel like you escape into a different world.”

And once you travel underneath the canopy, you have arrived. Matt encourages guests to look closely to identify the print of the Grid, the Digital Frontier you’re about to enter. “Once you enter the queue, it is clear you are in a computerized world with beautiful blues and blacks.” Then get ready to be digitized. In Matt’s words, the moment this occurs is “jaw-dropping.”

planDisney Pro Tip: Don’t forget to look around as you journey through the Hall of Opponents. There may just be some surprises waiting for you in the names and faces of the competition.

Tips for Riding TRON Lightcycle / Run
  • Before you enter the attraction there are test vehicles to determine if you are comfortable riding a lightcycle.
  • Remember, in order to experience TRON Lightcycle / Run, guests must be at least 48 inches tall. 
  • There is an alternate seating option available for guests who prefer to ride a standard coaster vehicle with a lap bar, according to panelist Raquel.
The Locker System

According to Matt, the lockers at TRON Lightcycle / Run are seamless to use and “pretty darn cool.” Here are his tips on using the lockers.

Once you’ve entered the world of the Grid, it’s time to store away anything bigger than a wallet or cell phone. Any open locker will light up blue and the cast member will tell you which section of lockers to use. Simply tap your MagicBand or theme park card to open the locker. If you don’t have one of these, no worries! Just ask a cast member and they will give you a card to use for the attraction. Disney MagicMobile service will not open a locker. Once opened, place your items inside and then close the locker. If you forgot to store something away, you can simply tap back in and place that forgotten item inside and shut the locker. No stress!

After riding, you exit on the other side of the lockers. On this side, the ones that are lit up are the ones that have items in them. If you forget which locker is yours, there are handy screens that you can tap on with your MagicBand or card and it will tell you which locker you used. Tap on the locker and take your items and go. It’s really that easy!

Locked and Loaded

After larger items have been placed in the locker, guests will then place all small items in the compartment at the front of the vehicle. According to Samantha, smaller items would be no item larger than a cell phone. Then it is time to load. This is done by stepping onto the vehicle, placing your knees all the way forward, and then while leaning forward, pull the handlebar towards you as close as it can go. The back restraint will gently rest against you so that you are secure as you enter the Grid.

Off the Grid Merchandise

According to Matt, no experience in the Grid is complete without leaving with a souvenir. His favorite? The iconic identity disc. “Not only does it light up and make the sound effects from the Grid,” he explains, “but it can click on to the coolest backpack you ever did see, connect to Bluetooth, and you can use it to be your own DJ on the Grid.”

Guests looking for TRON merchandise on April 4, should go to the pop-up location located across from the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. Please note, a Virtual Waitlist may be in place.

planDisney Pro Tip: Save time with Merchandise Mobile Checkout via the My Disney Experience app, and scan items as you shop and pay from your phone.

And wait there is food as well! “All guests are able to visit Energy Bytes, Magic Kingdom’s newest food kiosk located near TRON plaza. The menu features breakfast bites, savory snacks, sweet treats and refreshing beverages.”

Simply stated, if you love rollercoasters, this experience is not to be missed. As a matter of fact, Raquel calls it a “wickedly” great ride! And Samantha highly encourages an evening ride under the canopy lights.

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