Meet Figment at EPCOT Starting Sept. 10

Meet Figment at EPCOT Starting Sept. 10 blog header

Everyone’s favorite purple dragon has arrived at EPCOT! That’s right, Figment will greet guests in the Imagination! pavilion starting tomorrow, Sept. 10. Whether you’re a fan of his mischievous personality or you aspire to dream as big as he does, you’ll be able to share it all when you meet him.

Now that the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived, let’s see just how much you know about one of our favorite EPCOT icons. Here are five Figment fun facts!

  1. Did you know Figment has been around since EPCOT first opened at Walt Disney World Resort back in 1982? He made his debut as a childlike dreamer who embodies creativity and imagination in the original attraction, Journey Into Imagination.
  2. A creature as fantastical as Figment has to have an amazing origin story! Did you know the story of this unique dragon comes from ancient mythology? While stories about these mythical creatures come from all over the world, they all tend to have one thing in common: Dragons embody physical traits from many other creatures and beasts. 
  3. You may remember the Dreamfinder from the original attraction, Journey Into Imagination. Did you know this character actually started as Professor Marvel? Back in the 1970s, a proposed Disneyland attraction would have featured a panoramic showcase of curiosities and marvels of our world hosted by two brand new characters: Professor Marvel and his impish little sidekick – a yet-to-be-named dragon.
  4. For forty years, the delightful dragon has shown us how exciting it is to explore the world with our five senses – and our imaginations. Did you know he was the star of his own educational series? In 1988, Figment was introduced in school classrooms to teach students Language Arts Through Imagination.
  5. Originally, Figment was going to be green! Can you imagine this unique dragon with the body of a lizard, the nose of a crocodile and the horns of a steer in any other color than bright purple?

The fun doesn’t stop there. Looking for Figment-inspired fashion? I have good news! Figment has inspired fun new pieces to add to your collection. The iconic purple and orange color combination is featured heavily in an all-new merchandise collection that proves imagination works best when it’s set free. From an out-of-this-world hoodie to soft, stretchy leggings and everything in between, “a dream can be a dream come true” with dreamy new apparel items in store for you.

No park look is complete without a pair of Mickey ears. Figment takes center stage in this whimsical and plush new pair coming soon! You can find select items from this collection at ImageWorks and Creations Shop.

As Figment says, “Imagination is a blast!” Let yours take flight on your next visit to EPCOT. The iconic purple dragon is waiting to spark your creativity and help your imagination soar.