FIRST LOOK: Smellephants on Parade Arriving to Magic Kingdom Park

Smellephants on Parade Arriving to Magic Kingdom Park

Magic Kingdom Park is about to get even more colorful as the installation of Smellephants on Parade presented by Scentsy has begun at Storybook Circus. Guests visiting the land will go on a brand-new, interactive search-and-sniff experience, perfect for noses of all ages! And today, I’m excited to share an exclusive first look as the first Smellephant has arrived in Storybook Circus! 

When entering Storybook Circus, guests will stumble upon a casting call posted by Timothy Q. Mouse, seeking out a “Whiff-sistant” to join Dumbo’s newest act. At the ticket booth in front of Big Top Souvenirs, a cast member will provide guests with an illustrated map of the land and a sticker sheet to guide them in their first task as a Whiff-sistant. 

And the task is simple: find all eight Smellephant statues scattered around Storybook Circus, using the stickers and map to track their progress.  

The first of these colorful pachyderms has made its debut and appears to be sporting a guise we can get behind, reminiscent of one of our favorite circus snacks – Popcorn! As others arrive, guests will encounter additional circus-themed Smellephants, featuring fragrances provided by Scentsy, like Churro, Cotton Candy and more! 

This complimentary and voluntary experience will be available to guests of all ages next month. And while the Smellephants will be scattered throughout the Storybook Circus area, guests with sensitive sniffers are still welcome and able to enjoy this fun-filled land. 

What do you think, Whiff-sistants? Are you up for the task of locating all the Smellephants on Parade using your nose as your guide?