Disney Traditions: The First Step to Endless Possibilities

we all start our Disney careers with the magic and heritage of Disney Traditions. 

At Disney, our cast members and employees are at the heart of everything we do. And while our roles may all be different, we share one thing in common: we all start our Disney careers with the magic and heritage of Disney Traditions.  

This orientation program welcomes and inspires all newly-hired cast members as they take their first steps to endless possibilities with their Disney careers.  

The history of the Disney Traditions program dates back to the opening of Disneyland park when Walt Disney himself approved the development of orientation for new employees, which still serves as a strong foundation today. The program covers everything from Disney basics, history and heritage, to providing exemplary guest service and ways to create happiness for our guests. And is facilitated in multiple languages by cast in various roles, levels and work locations.   

Jeanne Burger, a Disney Vacation Club associate at Walt Disney World is among a new class of facilitators who will welcome new cast members at Disney Traditions.   

“The Walt Disney Company is unlike any other,” Jeanne said. “Each and every cast member is chosen for specific reasons and we are very excited to get to know them, give them the tools they need to succeed with the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation and serve as a mentor once the program is complete.”

While many aspects of the Disney Traditions program are a well-kept secret, the program brings people together and sets cast members up for success in their roles, now and in the future, in a fun and uniquely Disney way. From our facilitators sharing experiences to help our cast better navigate their roles to visiting the parks to learn how to create magic, the program bonds our new hires together and teaches them what it means to be a Disney cast member.  

“I met so many amazing people during my Disney Traditions experience that it led me to want to become a facilitator myself,” Luis Alonso, guest experience manager at Walt Disney World said. “I really enjoy being able to connect with our newly hired cast members and teach them about our company and culture while experiencing a little magic along the way.”  

The Disney Traditions program isn’t just an ordinary onboarding program. From the high-energy facilitators to a dynamic learning environment, cast members are encouraged to be their authentic selves and discover new things about themselves that they can bring to a unique role in creating happiness every day. 

Channing Reid Black receiving Mickey ears

“When you get a role with Disney, it’s not just a job,” Channing Reid Black, performer with Disney Live Entertainment at Disneyland Resort said. “It’s about becoming part of a family, a community. It’s a place of belonging and inclusion.”  

By the end of each Disney Traditions class, each cast member earns a well-deserved nametag and is ready to continue to learn and develop their skills as they begin their incredible Disney career and experience of a lifetime.  

If the heritage and culture of the Disney Traditions program inspire you, perhaps you are ready to take the next step in your career. Discover the vast opportunities to join our team at Disney Parks, Experience and Products!