Disney Cast Members Make Child’s Dream Come True 

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Rowan might be in second grade, but he is already living out his dreams thanks to a letter to Disney PhotoPass cast members.  

The Disney PhotoPass team received a note from Rowan’s mother Katie about her son’s passion for photography, sharing that he dreams of working for Disney and admires the cast members who make magical memories each day. Rowan often shares gifts with Disney PhotoPass cast members during his visits, and the Disney PhotoPass team wanted to show their appreciation in return. The team sprung into action to make Rowan’s dream a reality – putting together the ultimate surprise for him during his family’s recent visit to Walt Disney World

Rowan was named an honorary photographer for the day at Magic Kingdom Park, where he spent time learning about the job he hopes to have one day and even got to take some photos himself! 

Image of Disney Cast Member and child dressed as Disney PhotoPass cast member

When Rowan and his family arrived at the Magic Kingdom, Disney cast members greeted them at the park entrance and led them to Cinderella Castle, surprising Rowan with his own name tag and costume, along with an exclusive photography session so he could learn how to frame and capture good photos. Then it was Rowan’s turn behind the camera. He posed his family for photos then had the ultimate photo session with a visit from Pluto!

Image of child dressed as Disney PhotoPass cast member taking a photo

Rene Villa, an Operations Integration Associate Project Manager for Disney PhotoPass, was one of the cast members who helped make this moment happen, and for him, it was a full-circle moment. At his desk at the Disney PhotoPass office, he has a framed childhood letter his mother saved and gave to him, saying that he wanted to run away to work at Walt Disney World. 

Rene started his Disney career at a Disney Store, but the endless professional and personal growth opportunities offered at Disney led Rene to Walt Disney World, where he ultimately landed on the Disney PhotoPass team.

“I keep that letter from my childhood as a reminder that dreams do come true,” Rene said. “Reading about another child wishing to work at Disney inspired both me and my larger team, and we knew we wanted to make the day special. It’s an honor to work at Disney to create happiness for others.”

For kids like Rowan, Rene’s journey is a testament to always follow your dreams. 

Image of child dressed as Disney PhotoPass cast member with Pluto

“It’s inspiring to see the next generation following in your own footsteps,” Rene said. “It’s a reminder to always follow your dreams – because they absolutely can come true. For me, making dreams like these come true is what being a cast member is all about.” 

“It was magical!” Rowan said with a grin after completing his personalized Disney PhotoPass training. He said he can’t wait to come back and eventually take photos at Walt Disney World as a Disney PhotoPass cast member because he loves to make people smile. 

Image of Pluto, family, and child dressed as Disney Cast Member at Magic Kingdom Park

Good Morning America captured on camera the magical moment when Disney PhotoPass cast members surprised Rowan as Magic Kingdom’s honorary Disney PhotoPass photographer. Head to GoodMorningAmerica.com to watch the story, and stay tuned to the Disney Cast Life blog for more stories celebrating our cast members. 

Disney PhotoPass cast members capture magical memories to last every day. Disney PhotoPass photographer is one of the many unique roles available at Disney. Where else can you spend your days taking photos for families next to Cinderella Castle or in a galaxy far, far away? If you want to become a Cast Member, be sure to check out Disney Careers to see the latest openings.