Concierge Cast Member at Disney’s Riviera Resort Creates Everlasting Magic

Concierge Cast Member at Disney's Riviera Resort Creates Everlasting Magic blog header

Say “bonjour” to Adelene Biassou, a Disney’s Riviera Resort cast member dedicated to elevating the timeless enchantment that Walt fell in love with all those years ago. Once told by a Disney recruiter that her smile and heart were destined for the hospitality industry, Adelene found her happily ever after within Disney’s Resort Concierge department.

Among the guiding principles that have helped shape Adelene’s career and expertise are her hunger for knowledge, openness to learn and prerogative to bestow such learnings. For 16 years, her warmth and charisma have charmed Walt Disney World Resort guests at Disney’s All-Star Resort (where she worked for 14 years) and Disney’s Riviera Resort, a favorite among Disney Vacation Club Members, guests and Adelene herself.

Endearingly earning the nickname “Mother Training,” part of Adelene’s day-to-day at Disney’s Riviera Resort is spent onboarding new cast members. Given her long-standing tenure in Concierge and with the company, she takes pleasure in demonstrating and enhancing resort etiquette.

“Improving interaction and connection is a big relationship builder. I always remind my team that you don’t just acknowledge the adults. The little ones are your guests too,” she said. “We make the kids feel just as special by calling them ‘mister,’ ‘miss,’ ‘princess,’ and ‘prince.’ And you can tell the parents really appreciate it.”

Though Adelene juggles dozens of duties and vacation requests on any given day, she says there’s a method to the madness. Beyond training, making dining reservations, offering recommendations and welcoming you “home,” she knows firsthand that every traveler has a unique story. Whether someone is enjoying the first of many visits “home,” gathering for a getaway long overdue or embarking on their dream honeymoon, a guest’s excitement for the vacation ahead is the ultimate payoff.

“I love knowing if they’re celebrating anything special. But there was one woman who showed sadness in her eyes when I asked,” Adelene referenced. “Having been a member for so many years, she shared with me that she was celebrating her life and last vacation at Disney with her loved ones. Seeing the family so sad when they arrived, I wanted them to cherish their time with each other and us.”

As something to look back on with every passing year, Adelene gifted the family an assortment of keepsakes from the resort’s shop, La Boutique, including Mickey Mouse merchandise, ears and a specially designed Disney Vacation Club mug.

A stark difference from the previous morning, Adelene remembers the family returning from their day at the parks with heart-warming smiles, joyful tears and an eagerness to share the days’ vacation photos, where they captured plenty of poses showing off their new accessories and memorable moments.

“Our guests hold onto how we make them feel,” she said. “These positive takeaways bring them back to us year after year and keep special guests forever in our hearts.”