Check Out Our Answers: 13 Eerie Things Scavenger Hunt at Magic Kingdom Park

Check Out Our Answers: 13 Eerie Things Scavenger Hunt at Magic Kingdom Park blog header

Hello, explorer! We hope you had a fantastic time uncovering the 13 Eerie Things Disney Scavenger Hunt at Magic Kingdom Park. Now, it’s time to reveal the answers to your quest and see how well you performed. Are you ready to see how many riddles you cracked?

Let’s get to the answers!


Riddle: Amongst the ruins of a flooded jungle temple live oversized serpents – keep an eye out for the ones that are guarding the treasure of the jungle.

Answer: Ssssssspot on! The Snakes in the temple at Jungle Cruise!

Riddle: A skeletal sailor has taken over a ship on the high seas. Spot him if you can before you descend into canon fire and a battle between plundering pirates.

Answer: Argh! Right on the money! It’s the Pirate Ghost steering ship at Pirates of the Caribbean!

Liberty Square

Riddle: You can’t see it, but you know it’s there. Follow the hoof prints on the floor and spot the phantom leading the most haunted carriage in the park.

Answer: Happy Haunts! You got it! It’s the Phantom Horse at Haunted Mansion!

Riddle: Tick-tock, tick-tock…it has a vivid green face and 13 hours, can you spot this supernatural ____?

Answer: Make final arrangements now! You are right! It’s the Grandfather Clock at Haunted Mansion!

Riddle: If the spirits allow — and if your timing is just right — a phantom will materialize where ghostly goods are sold.

Answer: Call in the spirits, because you’re correct! It’s Madame Leota Mirror at Memento Mori!

Riddle: After you find the shop’s possessor, look up high for glimmering ghosts in jars.

Answer: There’s no turning back now! You guessed it! It’s the Bottled Spirit on the top shelves at Memento Mori!


Riddle: You’ll need some pixie dust to soar above the London skyline, but there’s no CAWse for alarm. Look to your right for a sinister feathered friend.

Answer: On the nose! (Not literally…) It’s the Crow at Peter Pan’s Flight!

Riddle: Are you brave enough to journey into the sea witch’s lair? Her minions are keeping two
eerie eyes on you…spot them before they find you!

Answer: You’re ‘fin’-tastic, cause you’re absolutely correct! The Eels at Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid!

Riddle: Lurking behind the seven dwarfs’ door and with an evil grin, find the scary figure that is
out for mayhem.

Answer: The perfect disguise, but not good enough for you! You got it! It’s the Evil Queen Animatronic at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!


Riddle: Become a Galactic Hero and try to defeat Zurg’s fly-eating-alien-plant.
Pro tip: you can spot this one on your quest to defeat Zurg or on an aerial tour of Tomorrowland.

Answer: No one can beat this Galactic Hero! You’re right on target! It’s the Venus Flytrap Alien at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! (Which can be seen from inside the attraction onboard the PeopleMover too)

Riddle: Sit down for a spell to explore a great big, beautiful tomorrow, where a teen has crafted
a ferocious Halloween costume.

Answer: You guessed it again! But make sure to hide before the full moon… It’s the Halloween
scene of Jimmy dressed as a werewolf at the Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress!


Riddle: Venture if you dare to a mill on an isle, where a feathered fowl watches with glimmering yellow eyes…

Answer: Whoooo would’ve thought! You guessed it! It’s the Owl in Harper’s Mill at Tom Sawyer Island!

Riddle: A prehistoric fossil lives in Frontierland, but you’ll have to board a train in Tumbleweed to find it.

Answer: Bingo! You dug up the right answer! It’s the Dinosaur Fossil at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Around the Park

Riddle: During Festival of the Fantasy, be on the lookout for a fire breathing majestic creature that roams the streets of Magic Kingdom. Attention! You’ll only be able to spot this one at certain times.

Answer: Not even the mistress of all evil couldn’t escape from your sharp eye! It’s the Maleficent Dragon float in the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade!

Main Street

Riddle: Outside the largest souvenir shop, look up high by a background of blue to spot a wicked witch that’s terrifying the shop.

Answer: Gourd-geous! That’s the one! It’s the Witch Pumpkin at the Emporium!

Riddle: Before you leave Magic Kingdom, don’t forget to look up! Nineteen pumpkins have spelled out a special message for you.

Answer: Absolutely correct! See ya real soon! The “See ya real soon!” Pumpkins right before you leave the Park!

How did you do?! Tell us in the comments!
As your mystical adventure comes to an end, we hope you’ve had a bewitching time uncovering this mystery at Magic Kingdom and we were thrilled you joined us on this exciting journey. Until we meet again, happy haunting!

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