Cast-to-Guest Pin Trading Returns at Walt Disney World 

Cast-to-Guest Pin Trading Returns at Walt Disney World 

Today is an exciting day, Disney pin traders! We know you’ve been waiting for even more ways to trade Disney pins, and starting today, you can once again trade with cast members using lanyards and packs across all of Walt Disney World.  

Whether you’re a Disney pin aficionado or want to start your own collection, there are many ways to make your visit special with Disney Pin Trading. Not sure how to get started? Wondering where to trade? Well, you’re in luck – no one knows Disney Pin Trading better than our cast members! We caught up with a few of them to get their top tips and tricks.  

Hidden Mickey Disney Pins
1. Keep your eye out for exclusive pins.  

“Designing the Hidden Disney pins with my team is such a joy! I love seeing them on guests’ lanyards and around the parks. It’s such a great way to get in on the fun.” – Jes, Disney Consumer Products  

Did you know there are Disney pins that are exclusive for cast member trading for a limited time? It’s true! Eagle-eyed guests may find pins from new Hidden Disney pin sets while trading across Walt Disney World. Each set contains five standard and uniquely themed designs.  

Later this year, a retail mystery pouch will be available with the original five pins, plus a sixth pin in each set — known as a “chaser” pin. For those who love an even bigger challenge, within the retail mystery pouch there will be a NEW element this year with the introduction of a “super chaser” pin in one particular set — an even rarer find!  

Pin Trading at EPCOT
2. Don’t be afraid to ask! 

“I can tell when guests are interested in my pins and want to trade, but they’re not sure how to ask. Don’t be afraid to approach cast members and ask to see our pins! We LOVE talking pins with our guests.” – Albert, EPCOT   

When you spot a cast member with a pin trading board or wearing a special pin accessory, be sure to ask them how you can join in the fun with Disney Pin Trading.  Or if you’re already an avid trader, tell us about your favorite pin and we’ll share a story about ours, too! 

Pin Trading at Magic Kingdom
3. There’s a pin for every special memory.  

“Most of the Disney pins in my personal collection are to remember my vacations, and they remind me of the people I love. I have a Winnie the Pooh baseball pin that reminds me of my dad and it’s so neat to be able to look at that pin and remember our trips to the parks.” – Katie, Magic Kingdom 

Disney Pin Trading isn’t just about collecting pins; it’s about capturing the unforgettable moments of your Disney adventure. Whether you want to commemorate your first ride on Space Mountain, or remember your favorite Disney snack (turkey leg, anyone?) – there’s a pin for that!   

Pin Trading at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
4. Embrace the chase. 

“I’ve been part of the Disney Pin Trading family for almost 25 years, and my favorite guests to trade with are the ones who are “chasing” a certain pin or character. Sometimes I’m able to help them find that tough-to-find pin, and it’s the best feeling in the world.” – Wayne Moore, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

44-year cast member Wayne has been a Disney pin trader from the very beginning, and guests come from far and wide just to trade with him! Wayne takes pride in helping guests “chase” that elusive pin they may be missing. Searching for that one pin may be frustrating at times, but don’t give up – it may just turn up where you least expect it!  

Pin Trading at Disney Springs
5. It’s easy to get started!  

“Disney Pin Trading is such a fun experience and I love how easy it is to start. I always recommend new pin traders get a starter lanyard and pin set. There are lots of different designs and pins to choose from!” – Zach, Disney Springs   

New to Disney Pin Trading? Welcome! You’re joining a special community of pin traders that goes way back (actually, we’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary later this year!). Getting started is a breeze and you can find pins and accessories at one of our many pin shopping locations across Walt Disney World or at 

I don’t know about you, but these tips have made me more excited than ever to pin trade! For full Disney Pin Trading rules and guidelines, visit

Looking for a little pin-spiration to kickstart, or add to, your collection? Visit one of our Walt Disney World pin shopping locations and keep your eyes pinned to for the latest Disney pin trading news. Happy trading, everyone!