20 Opening Day Cast Celebrate 20 Years of Disney’s Pop Century Resort

20 Opening Day Cast Celebrate 20 Years of Disney’s Pop Century Resort blog header

Today, Disney’s Pop Century Resort is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the grooviest place to stay at Walt Disney World! Opening on Dec. 14, 2003, this iconic value resort salutes the fashions, catchphrases, toys and more from the 1950s to the 1990s. When Pop Century first opened its doors, cast members welcomed guests with totally rad dance moves – and 20 of those very cast members still work there today!  

These 20 cast members spent the past two decades celebrating, well, the decades! Every day, they create special moments with guests while sharing their love for the resort, the history it commemorates and, seriously, did we mention the dance moves?  

“I have lots of energy and passion for Disney’s Pop Century Resort,” Claudia, a cast member in Guest Services, said. “I love being part of guests’ vacations … the past 20 years working here has been an incredibly rewarding experience.”  

To recognize their 20 years at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, the 20 cast members spent time together swapping stories and reflecting on their careers. “Pop Century helped me grow as a person and a cast member,” Terri, a Concierge cast member, said. “I learn from my fellow cast members every day; they are a second family to me.”  

At Disney, cast members can grow tremendously by trying new things or taking their talents to another job type without ever leaving the company. One cast member, Roselie, really took this idea to heart. “On the opening day of Pop Century, I was trained in three different roles – merchandise, the arcade, and food and beverage, and now I am in food and beverage full time,” she said. “My leaders helped me reach my goals and build my skills so I could learn a variety of different roles and grow my career at Disney.” 

Cast members are the heart of Walt Disney World and thrive on making magic for our guests every day. These opening-day cast members say they get to have so much fun with guests at Pop Century.  

“Have you seen our resort?” Bob, a Front Desk cast member, said proudly. “Look at the atmosphere, all of the fun theming and special Disney character touches everywhere. Oh, and the Disney Skyliner is here, my favorite! There’s a reason why families keep coming back to stay with us.”  

Guests born in any decade can make the most of their Disney vacation at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a great value hotel right in the middle of the magic. The resort also features iconic themed art and a themed pool, complimentary transportation like the super convenient Disney Skyliner, surprise appearances from favorite Disney characters and more!  

The 20 cast members that have worked at Disney's Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World since it's opening day in 2003

20 unforgettable cast members for 20 years of Pop Century – that’s pretty cool if you ask us! Thank you to all cast at Disney’s Pop Century Resort for their legendary service and passion for creating unforgettable memories for guests.  

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