Meet StellaLou, Duffy’s Newest Friend at Tokyo DisneySea

StellaLou, Mickey Mouse and Duffy

As we head into the spring season, there are so many things to look forward to at Tokyo Disney Resort. We recently shared our plans for an expanded ‘Disney’s Easter’ program, and this week we’re excited to announce the arrival of Duffy’s newest friend: StellaLou!

This charming little lavender rabbit danced her way into Duffy’s heart in front of the S.S. Columbia at American Waterfront, where she confided her dream to dance on Broadway and taught him about the power of chasing your dreams. She’s the latest addition to Duffy’s cheerful group of friends, including ShellieMay and Gelatoni.

Meet StellaLou, Duffy’s Newest Friend at Tokyo DisneySea Meet StellaLou, Duffy’s Newest Friend at Tokyo DisneySea

Starting this Thursday at Tokyo DisneySea, you can purchase your own adorable StellaLou plush and enjoy some tasty treats inspired by our new friend at New York Deli and Cape Cod Cook-Off. Both come with a souvenir lunch case for you to eat with in style. There’s even a special strawberry mousse topped with a StellaLou chocolate medallion that comes with a souvenir cup.

When ‘Disney’s Easter’ opens on April 4, you can meet StellaLou alongside Mickey and Duffy during “StellaLou’s Greeting Drive,” or take your StellaLou plush over to the American Waterfront for a few snapshots in our new photo spot alongside the S.S. Columbia. Even more merchandise will be made available at McDuck’s Department Store on April 10.

Join us in giving a warm welcome to StellaLou, and keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more from Tokyo Disney Resort.