Inside New Groundbreaking ‘Peter Pan’ Ride at Fantasy Springs

When Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea opens on June 6, 2024, among the new attractions will be Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure! Behind the scenes, Disney Imagineers have worked tirelessly to bring an all-new ride system to life, one that will allow you to fly over Never Land.

Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and creative collaboration with artists from Walt Disney Animation Studios, they crafted a ride that seamlessly blends ride vehicle motion with show elements and all-new animation, including a groundbreaking projection system.

Scene in Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

On Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, you’re invited to join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Kids in a daring quest to rescue John from the clutches of Captain Hook and his band of pirates. Aboard a boat sprinkled with pixie dust by Tinker Bell, you’ll soar into the sky and encounter iconic scenes and characters from the beloved Disney Animation film “Peter Pan,” including Wendy, Michael, the mischievous mermaids, and even Captain Hook’s formidable ship, the Jolly Roger.

Scene in Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Imagineers explored various ride systems, ultimately settling on a motion base to create the illusion of soaring through the air. This innovative approach, combined with meticulous attention to detail, resulted in a full six degrees of freedom motion base, a turntable and track system that delivers an unparalleled sense of flight and immersion.

The groundbreaking solid state projection system allows a single lens to create stunning 3D effects. This, coupled with meticulous testing and integration of practical sets, ensured a seamless blend of physical and digital elements, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Scene in Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

The magic of the new “Peter Pan” themed attraction is a testament to the collaborative spirit and ingenuity of our Imagineers and Disney Animation artists. This attraction has some of the highest levels of integration between show elements, custom animation and ride dynamics, creating an experience that resonates with guests.

We can’t wait to experience the amazing attractions Imagineers have brought to life for Fantasy Springs, whether it’s soaring through Never Land, helping Tinker Bell deliver packages in Pixie Hollow, journeying to the North Mountain or journeying to the Lantern Festival! 

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