First Look: Zootopia Cast Member Costumes

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Our imaginations have been running wild, dreaming up the costumes to be worn by cast members at Zootopia in Shanghai Disney Resort! Dream no more, because we have the inside scoop from both the Shanghai Costume Development and Disney Live Entertainment teams themselves.

Cast members working at Zootopia were recently invited to a cast-exclusive fashion show for the big reveal. Over 200 cast gathered in the land not only for a first look, but also to receive exclusive details from the Costume Development team on everything they will be wearing when the land opens on Dec. 20.

Costume Development Manager, Susanna Ching, revealed these details with the cast in Shanghai and now she’s here to share with us too! Beginning her journey at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort more than 10 years ago, Susanna joined Shanghai Disney Resort in 2016 for the grand opening initially in cosmetology and now on the costuming team.

Susanna has spent the last couple years in partnership with Senior Costume Development Manager, Lynn Kaufmann, and Costume Designer, Yonit Olshan, from Disney Live Entertainment, bringing the looks from on paper to reality in Shanghai. Lynn has been at Disney for more than 16 years and Yonit for six years, working most recently on the mix and match cast costumes for Mickey’s Toontown at the Disneyland Resort.

Now, who is ready to finally sneak a peek at the amazing cast costumes we’ve been teasing?

Costumes Made to be Versatile

Versatility was key when it came to designing these costumes! While boarding Zootopia: Hot Pursuit and throughout the merchandise locations, you’ll notice most are sporting a Gazelle-themed shirt to celebrate the city’s annual Zootopia Day Concert. This is not just any shirt, it’s one of the more complicated designs created by Shanghai Disney Resort! This handmade silk screen print requires exact precision and 22 layers of ink pressing. The shirt also features “Gazelle” in both Chinese and English, which was important to include as not only will local guests visit the land, but many from around the world.

Image of cast member modeling new Zootopia costume as seen in new Hot Pursuit attraction at Shanghai Disney Resort- First Look: Zootopia Cast Member Costumes

Over at Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, there are not one, but two looks to be worn with a reversible vest. This was a challenging design, but one that Yonit felt was quite rewarding as it allows cast to transform their look with a simple unzip and flip between loading and unloading areas.

For those helping guests board their police cruiser, this side of the vest is themed to the Zootopia Police Department — complete with a subtle animal print and paw-shaped buttons. Their badges also feature similar paws of various species.

And the iconic Zootopia Day T-shirt? You can spot it again on those helping guests off the attraction! As for the vest worn overtop, its alternate side features the same design and colors as seen in the Zootopia Day Concert poster.

Image of cast member modeling new Zootopia costume while holding Judy Hops plush toy and wearing Gazelle concert t-shirt at Shanghai Disney Resort- First Look: Zootopia Cast Member Costumes

At the various merchandise locations throughout Zootopia, including Fashions by Fru Fru, the costumes are a bit more “bohemian-chic” and casual. Although they are also wearing the Zootopia Day T-shirt, another reversible vest, with circles on one side and stripes on the other, is completely different. Susanna pointed out that if you look closely, you may even notice some pawprints incorporated throughout!

Image of cast member modeling new Zootopia costume at Shanghai Disney Resort- First Look: Zootopia Cast Member Costumes
A Look Right Out of the Movie

Over at Jumbeaux’s, you may recognize these costumes! The vintage soda fountain looks are just like the one worn by Jerry Jumbeaux Jr., the elephant, owner of the café, in the Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “Zootopia.” Each one is complete with a pinstripe pink shirt, black bowtie and a diner style hat, complimenting the whimsical, art deco design of the space.

Susanna shared that for a land to really come to life, it takes incredible cast members – the costumes are simply the cherry on top of what will be a completely immersive experience.

We can’t wait to see this all come together when Zootopia opens at Shanghai Disney Resort on Dec. 20.