10 Hidden Details You Can’t Miss in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

Hidden Park Details in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

Zootopia is now officially open at Shanghai Disney Resort and we had the chance to explore the new land! We searched high and low, seeking out the hidden details you just can’t miss when you visit the world’s first “Zootopia”-themed land inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios film. From Disney parks easter eggs and a bank fit for animals of all kinds, we’re changing the world one detail … we mean carrot … at a time!

1. A Stop at the Baaaaa-rber Shop

A one-stop shop, this sheep barber shop is reinventing how garments are made! Look closely and you’ll see the sheep trimmings collected at the barber shop are processed into wool garments and sold in the store — talk about reduce, reuse, recycle. When you’re done scouting out these details, be sure to stick around to see the residents of Zootopia as they appear from their windows throughout the day in “Disney Zootopia Comes Alive.”

2. Details for the Disney Parks Super Fans

We are big fans of an easter egg, especially those inspired by our favorite Disney Parks experiences. Uh-oh, keep an eye out for an enchanted sign found on what appears to be a construction wall right off Mane Street. It looks like the residents of Zootopia enjoy tiki bars just as much as we do!

Movie posters in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

How will we meet tomorrow’s growing need for food production, yet still respect the needs of the land? Some of the answers are being discovered …in Zootopia? Fans of Living with the Land can spot a movie poster in the queue of Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, inspired by this beloved attraction at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

3. Don’t Forget to Look Down

Why did the bunny cross the road? To check out the fox and mouse painted crosswalk, of course! Look left and right, but don’t forget to look down in the land. If you don’t, you may miss some special details, including the stunning Zootopia Public Works manhole cover.

From bunny-sized cars to fennec fox strollers, you can even find a variety of sized spots all around Zootopia. Find these two details right outside the exit of the attraction Zootopia: Hot Pursuit!

Bank for animals of all kind in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

4. A Bank for Animals of All Kinds

Our favorite pawpsicle-loving lemmings have their own bank in town and animals of all kinds are welcome. Take a closer look and you’ll notice doors perfectly sized for lemmings, bats, bunnies and more. You can even enter a medium-sized door to access a Magic Medallion machine from the bank’s ATM — a cute souvenir from Zootopia.

5. Familiar Walt Disney Animation Studios Advertisements

Billboards and advertisements can be found all around the land, but for those who are fans of the Walt Disney Animation Studios films “Big Hero 6” and “Frozen,” there are a couple of special ones to check out. You might recognize these as the versions of the movies that Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde find Duke Weaselton selling in “Zootopia.”

6. Big Fans of Gazelle

Not only are the residents of Zootopia big fans of Gazelle, we are too! From laundry hanging outside along Mane Street to memorabilia on Officer Clawhauser’s desk seen in the queue of Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, the residents of Zootopia clearly can’t wait to see Gazelle perform for Zootopia Day.

7. Details That Aren’t Irr-elephant at Jumbeaux’s Cafe

The details over at Jumbeaux’s Cafe are larger than life! Here you can find elephant foot-shaped architecture and even railings resembling the treats sold right next door. We recommend grabbing one of the HUGE chocolate marshmallows or a mini chocolate bar and snapping a picture of the elephant-sized stools located on the left side — it’s the perfect photo op.

8. Fun Signs

Beep beep, mind your … horns? This living, breathing metropolis is packed full of traffic signs you just can’t miss. These signs are actually Zootopia versions of street signs you can find around Shanghai. A few of our favorites include “no grazing” and “merging mammals” – how fun!

Judy and Nick's office in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

9. Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Ever wanted to sneak a peek of Judy and Nick’s offices at the Zootopia Police Department? You can do just that in the queue of Zootopia: Hot Pursuit where you’ll find Nick’s famous tropical button-down and photos of Judy’s family.

10. Otterton’s Flower Shop

Built to scale for our otter-sized friends, Emmitt Otterton’s Flower Shop can be found right here in Zootopia. On the exterior, otter-shaped windows adorn the façade with flower arrangements beautifully displayed outside. Located right next door is Mrs. Otterton’s Tea Otter. This tea shop features a carved sign depicting an otter relaxing in a teacup — how fitting!

From signature storytelling to groundbreaking innovation, Zootopia is just one example of how only Disney can take powerful stories and turn them into living, breathing experiences! If you’re looking to plan a visit to this urban jungle, we have the ultimate guide ready for you, and if you’re still not convinced, here are five more reasons why you need to visit. See you in Zootopia!