Stay Cool with New Disney Ice Cream Merch!

Disney Eats Ice Cream Collection Blog Header

If you have been following along with our Disney Eats treat-themed merchandise series, you may have seen pizzamacarons, and lollipops join the collection. So, what’s next? The classic, refreshing, Disney Parks staple snack … the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich!

While the Ice Cream Sandwich design looks almost identical to this beloved treat – there’s a twist! This special, one-of-a-kind sandwich has a minty cookie crumble filling that pops like spring! Whether you’re in the mood for a headband, spirit jersey, or Loungefly – stay cool with these delectable designs.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, Disney Ear Headband
Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, Disney Spirit Jersey

You can find the Ice Cream Sandwich Sprit Jerseys in both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort styles.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, Disney Loungefly Backpack

On May 14, you can find this cool Ice Cream Sandwich collection waiting just for you at Walt Disney WorldDisneyland Resort, and Once summer hits, you’ll be seeing this famous park snack around every corner!

Disney Plushes - Stitch and Angel

Looks like Stitch and Angel found their favorite summertime treat! You can spot the classic duo enjoying a chilled milkshake with (hidden) Mickey Ears, while wearing their milkshake-themed attire.

Stitch and Angel with milk shakes Disney Pins

If you have been collecting the Stitch Attacks Snacks Pins, then check out Stitch and Angel enjoying their sweet milkshakes.

For more snackable updates, keep your eye on Disney Parks Blog where we give you the first look into the Stitch Attacks Snacks and Disney Eats Collection. Next month is for those who enjoy a sweet treat at any hour of the day. Donut miss it!