New Indiana Jones Merchandise Uncovered at Disney Parks

New Indiana Jones Merchandise at Disney Parks Featured Image

Hold onto your hats – new Indiana Jones-inspired merchandise is coming soon to Disney Parks and shopDisney! 

If you’re headed out on an expedition, you might want to make sure you have the right wardrobe for any adventure. Get your own beige safari-style shirt and jacket inspired by everyone’s favorite archaeology professor. Complete the look with a fedora, and don’t forget to save room in your bag for any ancient remains you find during your travels!

Perhaps you’re looking for some museum-worthy artifacts to add to your home collection, without running into any snakes. If it’s fortune and glory that you seek, you can soon bring home your very own ancient artifact collectibles based on props from the movies including the Sankara Stone, the Fertility Idol, the Crystal Skull, and even the Holy Grail.

Ancient artifact collectibles

Creating these collectible versions of some of Indy’s greatest discoveries was an adventure in itself. “To make sure these items were as authentic as possible, we reviewed the film props from the Lucasfilm Archives to study size, reference details, capture 3D scans and more in order to recreate them into collectible items,” said Cody Hampton, Senior Manager, Brand Merchandising. “We also try to anticipate features that fans would expect from these replicas, so we added a light up feature to the Sankara Stone, as well as the Crystal Skull.”

Each collectible has unique packaging, including the backstory of the item from the Indiana Jones movies, as well as backstory on the real world artifact it was based on. “Bringing this collection to the fans has been a treat for us, and we are so excited for our guests to be able to add these discoveries to their own collections,” said Cody.

These artifact collectibles are coming soon to both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and will be available for pre-order on beginning June 24. 

There’s even more for adventure-seekers and collectors to look forward to, because more discoveries are on the horizon. I’m thrilled to share a first look at two new items coming later this Fall – a Staff of Ra Headpiece collectible inspired by “Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” and an Indiana Jones doll and pin set inspired by “Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom.” Fans of the Indiana Jones movies will love obtaining these rare antiquities for their own collections. Happy adventuring!