Disney Cast Member’s Star Wars Journey: From Store to Skyscraper 

Ricardo - Disney Cast Member Experiences Star Wars Takeover the Empire State Building

New York City is known for its iconic skyline and last week, this famous horizon took on a new and electrifying energy as Star Wars took over the Empire State Building. Among the spectators basking in the glow of this galactic surprise, none were more captivated than Ricardo Chorrillos, assistant store manager at Disney Store Times Square. 

“I have goosebumps…we just saw Hayden Christensen light up the Empire State Building,” Ricardo said in awe. “Darth Vader himself was here today! I can’t stop smiling.”

Ricardo’s love for Star Wars traces back to his childhood. “I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time as a kid,” he recalled fondly. “I was pulled to the screen, watching the spaceships and the lightsabers flash across our tiny 13-inch TV. I thought it was wonderful.”

Disney Cast Member with Star Wars lightsaber

Little did Ricardo know that his childhood fascination would lead to thrilling experiences like this: getting a special invitation to a two-part event filled with new action figures, toys, collectibles, apparel, accessories and even celebrity talent! 

But throughout all the excitement, there was one person Ricardo was especially grateful to have by his side—his daughter, Lorelei.

Nearly nine years ago, Ricardo was at a Disney Store searching for a pair of dress-up shoes for his daughter. Needing help finding the perfect pair, Ricardo turned to the nearest cast member. Eventually, that cast member convinced him to come work at the Disney Store.  

Now, Ricardo finds joy each day assisting his team of cast members as they engage with guests from around the world. “Even if we’re just setting plush on a shelf, we make it special,” Ricardo grinned. “It’s not just about the plush; it’s about what that plush means to the guest. Whether that is a cherished memory or a favorite movie – there is a unique connection to the magic.”

So when Ricardo was pixie-dusted with the opportunity to attend this exclusive Star Wars celebration in the heart of New York City, he knew just who to take: his own connection to the magic. 

Disney Cast Member with Star Wars characters

“When I learned I could bring Lorelei, I immediately started wondering what she would want to wear,” Ricardo explained. Over the years, Ricardo and his family have cherished memories of movie screenings and even trips to Walt Disney World, matching Star Wars outfits in tow. “Would she choose one of her favorite shirts or maybe a themed jacket? I knew she would be just as excited as me!” Ricardo explained.

While taking in the sights, sounds – and product – of the evening, Ricardo was in his element. “When someone mentions Star Wars, I’m there,” laughed Ricardo. “But, seeing this in my city – NYC – is just amazing.” 

As we “March to May the 4th,” be sure to keep an eye out for more Star Wars news. And, if you happen to be in NYC, be sure to stop by Disney Store Times Square to say “hello” to Ricardo and his fellow cast members!