Disney Cast Members Build Excitement for May the 4th with LEGO 

As Star Wars fans around the world gear up for May the 4th tomorrow, Disney Consumer Products cast members built excitement with a one-of-a-kind celebration, including a LEGO Star Wars building competition. 

The competition, celebrating the 25th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, had cast members in Florida and California diving into bags of bricks, armed only with their creativity against a 30-minute time limit. What ensued was not just a contest of building skills but a showcase of storytelling and imagination.

“I jumped at the chance to relive my childhood memories when I saw the opportunity to compete,” shared Andy Prescott, a Distribution Coordinator for Disney Publishing Worldwide. “Being a huge Star Wars fan, and growing up with LEGOs, I used to build X-wings, Y-wings and TIE fighters so I could pit them against one another in my very own toy space battles.” 

Disney Cast Members Build Excitement for May the 4th with LEGO

Andy’s starfighter was just one of more than 15 unique builds from cast members in Florida and California.  

Thomas Wang, a Project Associate, also drew inspiration from childhood. “I did it for my son,” Thomas shared. “We’ve been building LEGOs together since he was a baby. When I told him there was going to be a LEGO Star Wars building competition at work, he insisted I do it.”

Disney Cast Members Build Excitement for May the 4th with LEGO

From iconic ships to intricate scenes from the movies, the creations were as diverse as the imaginations that built them.

Meghan Chayka, an Assistant Manager on the Global Brand Commercialization team, brought a different kind of creativity to the competition. With a role focusing on ensuring Disney characters maintain their signature styles and characteristics when appearing in cross-franchise products, Meghan added a unique skillset to the Florida competition.

“My parents thought I was going to be a board game developer or engineer, and to this day, I continue to be inspired by LEGO,” Meghan shared. “I knew I couldn’t recreate a scene or make a face with details during the competition, but I could mix something new with something known – which is how my creation ended up becoming a lightsaber inspired by Cinderella.”

Even cast members not competing in the building competition were invited to bring their imaginations to the events. Throughout the morning, cast members and employees collaborated with their colleagues to build LEGO Star Wars building sets, working together to create scenes from their favorite Star Wars films. And of course, they were able to capture the moment with unique photo opportunities.

For cast members, events like this are more than just a celebration of beloved franchises; they are an opportunity to come together, showcase their creativity, and create lasting memories together.

As May the 4th approaches, May the Force be with You – and all our cast members as they continue to inspire others with their creativity and passion.