Broadway Stars Share Favorite Music Moments To Celebrate New Disney100 Collection

Broadway Stars Share Favorite Music Moments To Celebrate New Disney100 Collection blog header

Disney music is magic. 

The sounds and feelings experienced while listening to your favorite songs have the power to transport you to other worlds. From the impactful “Show Yourself” to the moving “Strangers Like Me,” and from the inspiring “Go the Distance” to the fun-loving “Under the Sea,” Disney music has opened doors for millions around the globe to experience their own special moments.

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To celebrate this wonderful new collection, I thought I’d turn it over to some experts from Disney Theatrical, Josh Strickland, Ashley Brown, and Michael James Scott, to share their own special Disney music moments.

Josh Strickland
Thanks for joining us on the Disney Parks Blog, Josh! Tell us a little about yourself and what’s keeping you busy these days? 

I originated the role of “Tarzan” on Broadway, then went on to star in two shows in Las Vegas, and a reality show called “Holly’s World.” Since then, I went back to reprise my role in the Tarzan German Production, (yes in the German language!) and am blessed to continue to be a part of Disney Concerts around the globe.

This summer I have the honor of returning to the Tarzan role in the beautiful state of Utah at Tuacahn Amphitheater until October 21! First time back in the English language since the Broadway production – come check us out! 

What’s your favorite Disney music moment, and why?

I have to say one of my favorite Disney music moments is in “Sleeping Beauty” when the fairies are making the cake for Aurora. I remember as a kid loving the gorgeous orchestrations on that film and dancing around my house acting like I was baking the cake with them (using a fork or spoon as my magic wand of course).  

The story of “Tarzan” highlights the merging of two worlds to strengthen a family. How did music play a role in your family’s journey and influence your career?

Music is, and always will be, pivotal in helping me become the person I am today. Since childhood, I was always singing and dancing around the house to whatever was on the radio, or whichever Disney movie I had playing. Music truly heals all wounds across time and connects us all, no matter where you came from or what language you speak. It truly is the universal language.  

Ashley Brown
Welcome to the Disney Parks Blog, Ashley! We’d love to hear how you became part of the Disney Theatrical Family and what brings you joy. 

I’ve been part of the Disney family since 2004 when I originated the role of Kristen in “Disney’s On the Record.” In 2005, I had the pleasure of playing Belle in “Beauty and The Beast on Broadway.” I then flew over to Cherry Tree Lane, originating the role of Mary Poppins on Broadway and on the North American Tour. 

What brings me joy these days is…my beautiful family…have you seen my girls and husband?

What’s your favorite Disney music moment, and why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite Disney music moment. There are so many and that’s why it is so beloved. I think I love in any show when the main character has a change of mind or a moment where she realizes who she is. The music tells that story whether it’s a key change or the bridge of the song; it is always super exciting.

What has Mary Poppins taught you? 

What Mary Poppins has taught me is to never judge a book by its cover. To always look past what you see. That’s always been one of my favorite lines and favorite parts of telling the story of Mary Poppins each night. 

Michael James Scott
I ain’t never had a friend like you and we’re so excited to have you here with us today, Michael! How did you come to land the role of Genie in Broadway’s “Aladdin?”

I’ve been a part of the “Aladdin” production since it originally opened on Broadway and then I went to Australia to originate the role of the Genie there for about 18 months! I then joined and opened the North American Tour in Los Angeles, made it over the pond and played the Genie in London’s West End, and then back to Broadway where I am currently playing the role. It’s been such a whirlwind and I call it my “Genie Journey.”

The Genie was never on my radar, but our Director / Choreographer, Casey Nicholaw, asked me to come in for a reading and cut 10 years later I’ve been blessed to get to play this iconic role. To have a creative team trust your instincts and want you to bring YOU to the role has been a true dream come true as an artist and the honor of a lifetime. 

What’s your favorite Disney music moment, and why?

My favorite Disney music moment has really come up recently with the release of “Soul.” That movie was just incredibly moving and the jazz influences on so many of the artists today is a testament to truly how major it was to have this be a Disney film. The music is exquisite, and the incomparable John Baptiste is a phenomenal inspiring force!

If Genie could pick any Disney character to be his musical companion, who do you think he would pick?

I think the Genie would pick Elsa! They both sing some of the most iconic Disney songs that have ever been made, and I think the Genie could teach Elsa to play a bit. It would be an epic duet mashup of “Friend Like Me” and “Let it Go.” In fact, let’s take this duet show on the road!

Thank you all for your time today and discussing Disney music with us! But, before we lower the curtain, a final question for all three of you: What advice do you have for a younger version of yourself?

Josh: I would say to always shoot for the stars, never stop dreaming, and to believe in the magic of music. 

Ashley: I would tell my younger self to keep believing, and that anything can happen if you let it. Most importantly, stay true to yourself, because there is no other you in the world.

Michael: I would tell my younger self to never apologize for who you are. All the things that make you insecure or make you feel different will be the things that make you special! Believe the thing that you have is amazing, because no one else has it, because THEY ARE NOT YOU!

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