VIDEO: Inside Look at the Great Apes National Geographic Expedition

VIDEO: Inside Look at the Great Apes National Geographic Expedition blog header

How does travel inspire you?

Is it the immersion into new cultures, the connection with the locals and fellow travelers, the access to unique experiences, the vast amount of knowledge gained … or is it all the above?

Well, when traveling on our National Geographic Expeditions Signature Land trip: The Great Apes of Uganda and Rwanda, you will experience all of this and more. It truly is a transformative trip that will leave you feeling inspired.

But rather than telling you about it, I’ll show you. We got the rare opportunity to document the Uganda portion of the trip to give you an inside look at what it’s like to travel with National Geographic Expeditions.

In this video, you’ll hear perspectives from the team, including one of our National Geographic Experts, as they share just what it is like to explore the world with National Geographic Expeditions. And when we travel to these incredible destinations, it’s under the guidance of local wildlife representatives, as well as our own company guidelines, to ensure we protect and respect the places we visit.

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Here’s to exploring all this incredible world has to offer!