Twins Celebrate Decade of Service at Hong Kong Disneyland  

Twins Celebrate Decade of Service at Hong Kong Disneyland  

Since its opening in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has been a home of magic and inspiration for guest and cast members alike. Over 2,000 cast, crew, Imagineers and employees who are at the center of creating happiness and magical guest experiences were recently honored for their decade or more of making magic at Hong Kong Disneyland’s first-ever Service Celebration. An experience that can only happen when you work at Disney, this global tradition made its way to Hong Kong, where honorees and their guests were invited to enjoy themed experiences throughout the park among other food offerings, special character greetings and live performances. 

When they arrived, cast members were greeted by leaders from around the globe and fellow cast members as honorees walked the red-carpet arrival like a Hollywood movie premiere. And did we mention that they were able to enjoy the park without any other guests there? Talk about a dream come true! To top off the evening, attendees gathered together for an exclusive showing of the “Momentous” Nighttime Spectacular, plus a one-night-only custom drone show, “Echoes of Enchantment,” which took cast members through time revisiting Hong Kong Disneyland’s most important milestones. It’s exciting enough to reach a milestone anniversary like working at Disney for over 10 years, let alone celebrating with one big party! 

Among the honorees were Rodolf and Randolf, twin brothers who moved from the Philippines to be a part of the Disney magic!  

The pair of twins celebrated their 12 year anniversary of creating happiness and calling Hong Kong their home. “This event reminds us how we truly belong here, and we’re proud to be part of this family!” Randolf shared. 

Let’s dive into what it’s like for them to work together and make magic at one of the happiest places on Earth. 

The brothers began as parade dancers and are now performing side by side in the live stage show, Mickey and The Wondrous Book, at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Rodolf and Randolf quickly became a vital part of the resort’s entertainment team, captivating audiences with their enthusiasm and love of performing. “[Their] upbeat, funny and enthusiastic attitude has had a great impact on our team in delivering outstanding shows,” shared Earl, Mickey and The Wondrous Book show captain.  

Their shared passion for performing has made the two inseparable and even led to some funny moments in rehearsal. The two brothers look so identical while dancing, even their colleagues mix them up!  

Despite being once conjoined at the arms, sharing the stage over the years has brought them even closer. “I always have someone to talk to, share everything with, and to support me. [It] gives me more energy,” Rodolf exclaims. “It creates a very strong bond between us,” says Randolf.  

Rodolf and Randolf share a love of spreading joy to the guests who attend their shows. “We really like to perform and it’s great that we can create happiness for guests in this way,” Rodolf shares.  

Whether you’re a visitor or Hong Kong Disneyland Resort feels like home, be sure to look out for the brothers doing what they love most (even if you can’t tell them apart!).   

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