Disney Eats: Complete Foodie Guide to World of Frozen Opening Nov. 20

Disney Eats: Complete Foodie Guide to World of Frozen Opening Nov. 20 blog header

Don’t let your hunger go because you’re about to be mystified with flavor. World of Frozen will soon be opening its gates at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort on Nov. 20, and this new land is filled with delicious treats and eats inspired by the beloved characters of these award-winning Walt Disney Animation Studios films, “Frozen” and “Frozen 2.” As you step into Arendelle, you’ll be met with beautiful views, must-try attractions, mesmerizing tunes, and, of course, plenty of food!

There will be three new locations available when this exciting expansion opens, each filled with delightful dishes and sweet treats for you to indulge in. And you know, there has to be some chocolate in this “Frozen”-inspired land.

The new quick-service restaurant, Golden Crocus Inn, will be serving up tasty main dish options and even a Celebration Chocolate Fondue. Yes, you heard that correctly – chocolate fondue! For those wanting a sweet selection of “Frozen”-inspired items, Northern Delights is the place for you. Its menu is packed with beautiful bites, like the Olaf Celebration Cake. Believe me when I tell you, the culinary teams put so much love into these items, they will thaw anyone’s heart! Last, but certainly not least, Forest Fare will feature a combination of sweet and savory items inspired by “Frozen,” including adorable Snowflake Churros.

World of Frozen truly has something for everyone when it comes to food. And these delights are certainly worth melting for. Let’s get ready to open up the gates and explore what awaits us starting Nov. 20.

Bayside Seafood Medley, Village Chicken Roll Stuffed with Ham & Cheese, Innkeeper’s Special Braised Lamb Shank and Forest Mushroom Pasta

Golden Crocus Inn

  • Bayside Seafood Medley served with potatoes, cream sauce, and a brown sugar roll  
  • Village Chicken Roll Stuffed with Ham & Cheese served with sauteed vegetables and a mustard cream sauce
  • Innkeeper’s Special Braised Lamb Shank with polenta potato purée, roasted vegetables, and beer gravy
  • Forest Mushroom Pasta served with forest mushrooms, poached egg, and truffle cream sauce   
  • Forest Mushroom Pasta and Meatballs Platter served with sauteed vegetables and mushroom cream sauce (Kids’ menu offering)
Prawns Cocktail, Arendelle Meatballs in Mushroom Cream Sauce and Rosettes
  • Prawns Cocktail (Side offering)
  • Arendelle Meatballs in Mushroom Cream Sauce (Side offering)
  • Rosettes (Available with all main dish offerings)
Celebration Chocolate Fondue
  • Celebration Chocolate Fondue
  • Jasmine Peach Fanta (Non-alcoholic) (Available with all main dish offerings)
Coronation Sundae, North Mountain Almond Tart, Olaf Celebration Cupcake and Olaf Snowflake Smultringer

Northern Delights

  • Coronation Sundae: Light milk soft-serve sundae on elderflower-flavored slush (Served in “Frozen”-themed cup)
  • North Mountain Almond Tart: White chocolate cream and bergamot
  • Olaf Celebration Cupcake: Carrot and dried fruit cake with creamy frosting
  • Olaf Snowflake Smultringer
Olaf Muffin, Northern Delights Chocolate Box, Candy Apple Snowball, Olaf Lollipop and Marshmallow Lollipop
  • Olaf Muffin: Blueberry muffin with cream frosting inspired by the Olaf Disney Munchling
  • Summer Snow Day Soft-serve
  • Northern Delights Chocolate Box
  • Candy Apple Snowball
  • Summer Snow Day Marshmallow
  • Marshmallow Lollipop
  • Olaf Lollipop
Snowflake Churros, Forest Valley Tea Cookies, Sausages Platter, Forest Fare Gourmet Box and Forest Friends Stein

Forest Fare

  • Snowflake Churros
  • Forest Valley Tea Cookies
  • Sausages Platter (Available seasonally)
  • Forest Fare Gourmet Box: Crab stick and corn salad, chicken bun with cheese and tomato sauce, and crepe with blueberry and coconut cheese cream
  • Forest Friends Stein served with mango-flavored shaved ice

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited for this thrilling new opening on Nov. 20! As you can see, the adventures at Disney Parks are truly limitless, especially when it comes to food.

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(Note: All offerings are subject to change and availability.)