All the Chills as Disney Ambassadors Celebrate World of Frozen

All the Chills as Disney Ambassadors Celebrate World of Frozen blog header

Hong Kong Disneyland let it go like never before celebrating the grand opening of World of Frozen, the first-of-its-kind land now immersing guests into the stories of Anna and Elsa. Among the inaugural visitors through the gates of Arendelle were the 2024-2025 Disney Ambassadors, making the Summer Snow Day celebration a truly global #DisneyCastLife moment.

Representing seven Disney destinations, the full team gathered for the first time for global training amid the excitement of the new land’s debut, making their own Disney history as the inaugural time this long-running exercise was conducted outside the United States.

The Disney Ambassadors pose together in front of the Castle of Magical Dreams

For Disney Ambassador Jose Alfaro Navarro, representing Disneyland Paris, the training was filled with incredible moments. “Every hour, there was something new happening, something rewarding, something truly unique. Every time that I could stop and think for a little bit about where I was and what I was doing, I had a real sensation of a dream coming true, and a moment that is always going to be in my heart forever.”

Over four action-packed days, the Disney Ambassadors experienced all the best of Hong Kong Disneyland, enjoying park walks with Imagineers and up-close looks at fan-favorite attractions like Mystic Manor and the Iron Man Experience.

Daisuke Shibata, Disney Ambassador of Tokyo Disney Resort, said, “I felt the beauty of putting meaning into the park… [including] the new Dream Makers statue honoring the moment related to Walt’s story of [Disneyland park’s] creation.”

The Disney Ambassadors watch as fireworks illuminate the Castle of Magical Dreams during the "Momentous" nighttime spectacular

Disney Ambassador Dylan Rogers, representing Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, said watching the “Momentous” nighttime spectacular was one of her most memorable experiences. “There were no dry eyes as we watched the beautiful projections and fireworks together. That pure joy of being together with one another going through this amazing experience was something I’ll never forget.”

During their training they learned the ins and outs of being a Disney media spokesperson, managing social media, communications planning, and strategy. They put their learnings to good use immediately supporting the World of Frozen grand opening media event, which the citizens of Arendelle (the cast members bringing the new land to life) helped ready them for with a guided tour of the land’s attractions, dining and shopping locations.

The Disney Ambassadors smiling and posing with two citizens of Arendelle following a tour of World of Frozen, behind them

Their trip preparation also included one of their first global projects as Disney Ambassadors. Over the past few weeks, Disney Ambassadors collected signatures on specially designed “friendship flags” from their home resort’s leaders, along with cast members representing “Frozen” themed attractions and entertainment offerings. This includes cast and Imagineers working on upcoming projects, including the Fantasy Springs expansion at Tokyo DisneySea, plus the new “Frozen” themed area under construction at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris.

The Disney Ambassadors gather with citizens of Arendelle in World of Frozen, displaying the signed friendship flags they exchanged

During a special moment prior to the grand opening, the Disney Ambassadors handed off their home resorts’ friendship flags to representatives of each location within Arendelle, representing a global gesture of togetherness, goodwill, and best wishes for the success of the new land. The flags will go on permanent display together in a World of Frozen backstage area.

The visit was punctuated with incredible moments, including opportunities to meet Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Experiences. They also attended a special conversation with Jennifer Lee, chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-director of the “Frozen” films. The excitement for their visit culminated in a special cavalcade along the Hong Kong Disneyland parade route, with many cast members among the thousands of guests cheering them on.

Disney Ambassadors wave at guests while riding aboard a parade float down Main Street, U.S.A. at Hong Kong Disneyland

“I am so grateful to be heading into these next two years with all these amazing memories we experienced with the cast at Hong Kong Disneyland,” said Disney Ambassador Raul Aquino Rojas, representing Disneyland Resort. “The cast here have really made it feel like home, and every inch of this park has something special that is so hard to describe in words. It really needs to be experienced.”

The Disney Ambassadors smiling and holing Arendellian flags as they stand outside the Fantasyland station of the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad

Beyan Tse, 2024-2025 Disney Ambassador of Hong Kong Disneyland, shared she felt “so grateful that I could share my favorite place and my home resort [with] them… I am looking forward to building the relationship with them.”

The 2024-2025 Disney Ambassadors will step into their roles officially on Jan. 1, 2024, but you can follow their journeys now on Instagram:

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