Disneyland Resort Cast Members Celebrate 100 Years with a 23-Hour Party

Disneyland Resort Cast Members Celebrate 100 Years with a 23-Hour Party blog header

Disneyland Resort cast members uphold Walt Disney’s legacy by continuing to make magic at the very first Disney resort. What better way to thank them for being part of the Disney story during the Disney100 Celebration than with a 23-hour party honoring the company’s 1923 founding?

Third-shift cast members wearing reflective safety vests in the early morning hold Disney100 snack buckets and treats in front of a purple balloon backdrop

That’s exactly how cast members spent the 100th anniversary day on Oct. 16, partaking in a variety of exclusive backstage offerings ranging from speed puzzling to Disney100-exclusive screenings – and even a few dunk tanks scattered around the resort.

Cast members smiled with amusement as they had the opportunity to send their leaders splashing into water for a good cause. To make the day even more unforgettable, Disneyland Resort pledged to donate $5 to Make-A-Wish for every person successfully dropped in the dunk tanks, up to a $5,000 donation goal.

Disney Ambassador Mark Everett King Jr. (above-left, kneeled at center) joined in on the fun as a dunk tank volunteer, getting soaked over 20 times by his fellow cast members. “What better way to support an amazing cause during a momentous moment in our company’s history?” he said.

“It’s been so fun and amazing to celebrate the 100th year of The Walt Disney Company, and to know the money is going towards a great cause is also an extra bonus,” said Stacey Cheong (above-right), Marketing Strategy, moments after dunking Mark.

To celebrate significant milestones, the Disneyland Resort has a tradition of capturing photos of the cast members who make each milestone moment possible. From early Disneyland Resort anniversaries to commemorative holiday moments, cast members join together for these group photos to show that it is truly teamwork that makes Walt’s dream work.

Cast members from DIsney's Paradise Pier Hotel pose on the pool deck in front of a "Thank You for 100 Years" banner

In honor of Disney100, cast members across the resort were invited to be in group photos in a variety of locations. These pictures join a vast archive of historical photos showcasing the company’s 100-year legacy.

“It makes you feel like you’re included. It’s being able to be part of the bigger scope than our everyday work,” said Horticulture cast member Larry Alexander (above-right), who joined the photo at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. “For the company to host something and give back to the cast members, it’s really important.”