4 Ways Disneyland Continues on the Road to Sustainability, Plus More to Come

4 Ways Disneyland Continues on the Road to Sustainability, Plus More to Come

As The Walt Disney Company continues on the road to sustainability toward our environmental goals for 2030, which includes achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions, Disneyland Resort continues to evaluate and explore innovative opportunities in clean transportation.

To celebrate the start of Earth Month, let’s take a look at 4 ways that guests can get to, from and around Disneyland Resort via low or zero emissions vehicles!

Image of Disneyland Tram vehicle is seen in the passenger loading zone in the Mickey and Friends parking structure

1. At the beginning of your visit to Disneyland Resort, guests can board our parking lot trams that run on compressed natural gas, eliminating approximately 56,000 gallons of diesel each year.

Image of The Disneyland Resort Monorail is seen passing by the Matterhorn

2. The Disneyland Monorail also provides our guests another sustainable ride. Since its installation in 1959, the Monorail has been a high-speed zero-emission transportation system that emits no direct exhaust or pollutants into the atmosphere. The sustainable efforts continue throughout the park, as most of our attractions are powered by renewable energy. The Disneyland Railroad and Mark Twain Riverboat have been powered by biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil since 2009, which saves approximately 200,000 gallons of petroleum diesel each year!

3. Disneyland Resort has also undertaken the ambitious goal of electrifying its large vehicle fleet – that’s over 400 vehicles! – onstage and backstage. Over the past year alone, we’ve converted nearly 10% of our vehicle fleet to zero emissions vehicles.

4. Additionally, some of our Main Street Vehicles, Sailing Ship Columbia and the Jungle Cruise boats are using compressed natural gas (CNG), and guest favorite Radiator Springs Racers is partially powered by 1,400 solar panels!

And we can’t leave out one of our opening day attractions – Autopia – which is on the road to electrification in the next few years. We look forward to sharing more about that in the future.

What’s your favorite sustainable travel option at the Disneyland Resort?