Amazing Disney Barber Delivers ‘Old-Fashioned’ Happiness

Amazing Disney Barber Delivers ‘Old-Fashioned’ Happiness blog header

Beyond every magical moment in our Disney Parks & Resorts is a cast member who helps make that magic come to life. And in the heart of Disneyland Paris is a cast member whose dedication and warmth leaves every guest with more than just a haircut – meet Florent, a barber at Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts, and one of the most recognized cast members at Disneyland Paris.

Florent started cutting hair for television shows in France, but always had a passion for working for Disney. Fast forward to today, he celebrated his two-year anniversary with the company. “When I was little, I would have never imagined I would become the barber … but there is no better place than Disneyland Paris!” At Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts, Florent’s role goes beyond just cutting hair. He cherishes the connections he forms with visitors from around the world, making meaningful connections with every person who sits in his chair. “One of my usuals is a gentleman who comes often all the way to Disneyland Paris from Los Angeles just to have his beard trimmed by me! He doesn’t go anywhere else, only here!” Florent beams with pride.

Florent shared that some of his visitors have even been coming to Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts since the opening of the park in 1992. Now that Florent gets to continue the legacy, he notes that every time someone leaves the barbershop, they leave with joy on their face. “I’m very lucky to become part of their Disney memories forever, and to make such a positive impact on their experience during their visit,” he reflects.

Image of Florent, a barber at Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts at Disneyland Paris, and an Emporium cast member in front of a calendar

Not only does Florent bring joy to guests, but he also shares his enthusiasm with his fellow cast members. In fact, Florent has a special ritual he does with his colleagues in the barbershop and next door, the Emporium. “One colleague from the Emporium boutique comes to change the date in our beautiful old-fashioned calendar,” says Florent. “Even if I don’t work directly at the shop, the barbershop is attached to it and I’m part of the team. It’s my way of adding their pixie dust to Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts and start the day with a little touch of extra magic!”

That’s not all that Florent brings to the chair. Using old-style barbering techniques that aren’t common nowadays, Florent helps make guests feel like they are at a genuine turn-of-the-century barbershop. “It’s a great honor for me to be able to keep this legacy alive with my colleagues from Disney Parks around the world,” says Florent. “With my own personal touch of French technique and savoir-faire.”

Recognitions are not expected, but Florent is always very touched when guests take the time to leave a compliment. “It’s one of the most rewarding parts of working here,” shares Florent. “I am very proud and touched by all the kind words and messages and to have made a positive difference in their day at Disneyland Paris.”

This week, the most recognized cast at Disneyland Paris over the past year were honored during a “Best Citations Ceremony,” hosted by the Disney Ambassadors and leadership, as part of our annual Global Recognition Week dedicated to celebrating our true magic makers. This unique, only-at-Disney event was such a surprise for all cast involved and Florent, with his unwavering commitment to his guests, found himself among those to be honored.

Florent’s journey and enthusiasm stands as a testament to the magic that thrives throughout our Disney Parks & Resorts. His commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for guests embodies the true heart of what it means to be a Disney cast member and is a reminder that true joy lies in pursuing our passions and spreading happiness with others.

Spreading joy and magic is something Florent continues to envision for the future. “I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life!” he declares with enthusiasm. If you visit Disneyland Paris, be sure to stop to get your haircut at Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts and say hello to the amazing Florent.