3 Surprises at Disney’s Paris Hotel That Leave Lasting Impressions

Since reopening Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris, we’ve shared many stories about its “only-at-Disney” details but nothing like today’s look from the eyes of cast members who were among the first to step inside! 

The world’s first 5-star hotel dedicated to Disney royalty is packed with surprises from a gorgeous 136-foot long Bohemian crystal chandelier to one-of-a-kind views of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  Seeing it all a week before opening left cast members speechless – and chances are, it’ll likely wow you too.

Shining Shimmering Splendid

From the moment Disney cast members set foot in Disneyland Hotel, their attention was drawn to a showstopping giant Bohemian crystal chandelier in the hotel’s lobby. 

This group of cast members was also the first to notice that the chandelier is decorated with crystal stars and snowdrops around its centerpiece and features Sleeping Beauty Castle. They were honored to have the chance to see it all. 

 “It’s nice how we’re included in these things, so it feels really special to be one of the first people here in this hotel,”  A cast member from Disneyland Paris Client Relation Center said during the exclusive look.

Frozen Fractals all Around

As we’ve shared, Story Keepers are unique to Disneyland Hotel and they guided cast members to the next surprise you’ll likely want to see for yourself – an exclusive “Frozen” signature suite. 

In the suite, you can experience Elsa’s ice powers like never before! From exquisite detailing to special lighting, this suite is one of a kind.

A cast member who was able to see moodboards and mock ups of the suite during the renovation was able to see it come to life in person and said, “It was fantastic to see everything become a reality in the hotel.”

Unbelievable Disney Castle View

While exploring the hotel, cast members were also surprised by spectacular views of Sleeping Beauty from the Castle Club Lounge.  The Lounge is an exclusive space where Castle Club residents can enjoy a royal tea time.

Along with seeing these unique areas of Disneyland Hotel, cast members also learned about some other details you should check out in our special video.

A big congratulations to all cast involved in making this opening a success!