VIDEO: Voyage to the Galapagos with National Geographic Expeditions

Are the Galapagos Islands on your must-travel list? If not, this destination should be!

It’s an archipelago filled with fascinating endemic species and breathtaking landscapes unlike any other. And if you do venture to this bucket-list destination, what better way to travel than an expedition cruise with National Geographic Expeditions, operated in alliance with Lindblad Expeditions! These voyages take you deeper into the destination with captivating insights and knowledge that will leave you feeling inspired.

On the Galapagos Voyage, you might also travel alongside National Geographic Experts in photography, marine biology, conservation and more. And the team of naturalists leading each expedition is incredibly knowledgeable with a passion for protecting this pristine part of the world.

Because it’s National Geographic, you never know who you might get the chance to meet, like world-renowned marine biologist and oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle. A National Geographic Explorer at Large, her mission is to protect the ocean and wildlife that inhabit it and inspire others to do the same. You may have seen her incredible work featured in news publications, documentaries and presentations – or maybe you’ve come across one of her latest books “Ocean: A Global Odyssey.”

Dr. Earle recently traveled aboard the National Geographic Endeavour II on a Galapagos Voyage departure. Here is a glimpse into that expedition cruise, with thoughtful insights from her and other travelers:

Want to learn more about this expedition, or maybe you’re inspired to check out the full scope of National Geographic Expeditions travel experiences? Visit the National Geographic Expeditions site or call 888-732-2379 to learn more about how you can channel your inner explorer and discover the world.