Try Our New Disneyland Resort Halloween Scavenger Hunt For Families

It’s time to celebrate the Halloween Time season with a trepidatious trek into Disneyland Resort! With Halloween looming and ghouls and ghosts lurking around each corner, we invite you to find these 13 Halloween Time things around Disneyland Resort. If you’re among the brave souls who will undertake this quest, check out these thirteen frightfully fun riddles that will lead you to some hauntingly hard-to-find spots. Join us to celebrate Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort! Do you dare?

Download the guide containing the spellbinding scavenger hunt riddles below, grab your map and begin your journey at Disneyland Resort. Once you’re done solving the riddles, check out the Answer Key to see how many you got right!
Good luck!

P.S. If you’re still in the mood for more Disney Parks Halloween hunts, check out Walt Disney World’s 13 Eerie Things Disney Scavenger Hunt at Magic Kingdom Park! It’s gourd-gous fun!

Separate Theme Park admission and park reservation required for park entry.