Top 7 Tips for First-Timers Visiting Disneyland Paris

Plan Disney: Tips for First Time Visitors to Disneyland Paris

Bonjour! If your travel plans include an upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris, the planDisney Panelists are here with their top seven tips for making the most of this magical vacation.

1. Stay at a Disneyland Paris Hotel

Touted as one of the most beautiful Disney Parks by our panelists, it makes sense they all recommend staying on property to soak in all the splendor. However, along with the added beauty of the resort, planDisney panelist Shannon reminds guests of the convenience when staying on property.

“The Disneyland Paris Resort is incredibly compact given all the options it offers. It is an easy walk from any of the seven Disney hotels or a quick complimentary shuttle ride to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park,” Shannon D. explained. “Disney hotels also feature Extra Magic Time in the parks and hotel-exclusive character encounters, so you are immersed in the magic your entire stay.”

Looking for an extra touch of charm? Consider choosing a room or suite with Club Level service at one of the onsite Disney hotels, recommends Adrianna H. “Disney Sequoia Lodge, Disney Newport Bay Club, or Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel all currently offer select rooms with Club Level service. The private check-in experience was a welcome time saver after a long day of travel, but the best benefit for my family was the access to a private lounge for breakfast, snacks, and teatime. We enjoyed a filling breakfast before visiting the parks and took afternoon breaks to return to the lounge to fuel up for an evening of fun.” 

2. Make Advanced Dining Reservations

Adrianna reminds guests to plan their dining in advance and book via the Disneyland Paris mobile app. Dining for table service restaurants can be booked two months in advance or upon booking confirmation for Disney Hotel guests. And where should you dine? planDisney is not short on recommendations for dining.

3. Try all the Food!

This, by far, was the number one tip from the planDisney panelists when enjoying a Disneyland Paris vacation, and here are a few of their must-dos.

“Casey’s Corner may be mostly known for their hotdogs, but at Disneyland Paris, it’s probably the best hidden gem I’ve discovered on Main Street U.S.A. and it’s the item quirkily named the Baseball Ball, or Balle de Baseball,” says Prince S. “With an exterior that looks like a baseball made of vanilla mousse-meets-ice cream that reveals a core of delicious, salted caramel that spills out as you cut into it, this is the one thing that I will always recommend to anyone visiting Disneyland Paris and every single person has come back from their experience a fan!”

Food trucks and Remy are a must for Louise A. “The many food trucks in Walt Disney Studios Parks offer quick and delicious food and drinks, from croissants and coffee in the morning to chilled champagne in the evening! And if we are talking restaurants, the theming at Bistrot Chez Rémy is not to be missed. It’s like you’re in the movie, Ratatouille – an obvious menu choice, too!”

Looking for an after-dinner treat? One word from Prince … macarons. “There will always be a special place in my heart for macarons, and it’s almost a rite of passage for those visiting Paris for the first time to indulge in these crisp-yet-pillowy bites of delight.” According to Prince, the key is knowing they are definitely not called ‘macaroons,’ though some folks frequently forget the difference. His personal handy hint: “Macaroons contain coconut, and each have two ‘o’s – Macarons are made with almonds, and both only have one ‘o!’”

4. Don’t Miss the Classic Attractions … With a Twist

Upon entering the resort, you will definitely recognize some of your favorite attractions from the U.S. theme parks but pay close attention to the distinctly different flairs. “My favorite versions of beloved attractions like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean are at Disneyland Paris,” exclaims LeAndra L. “And one of my all-time favorite memories was a late-night ride on Big Thunder Mountain while the fireworks went off over Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Castle). 

And according to Ana Paula, if you’re a domestic Disney Parks regular, you won’t want to miss out on the classics like “it’s a small world,” and Phantom Manor (Disneyland Paris’s take on the Haunted Mansion).

Prince adds that “Space Mountain fans will definitely have a blast at this reimagining of the classic attraction that will send you to a galaxy far, far away at Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. Everything from the familiar epic score that builds the excitement before a thrilling launch that sends you right into a battle between TIE fighters and X-wings makes this my absolute favorite iteration of this attraction anywhere in the world!”

5. Don’t Miss the Attractions Found Only at Disneyland Paris Resort

“Definitely seek out the attractions and experiences that are unique to Disneyland Paris!” says Ryan J. “Since many visitors are likely to visit infrequently, I recommend prioritizing the attractions and experiences which can only be found at Disneyland Paris. For example, Crush’s Coaster at Walt Disney Studios Park is one of my favorite attractions at any Disney Park, and you can only experience it at Disneyland Paris. I also love exploring Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant – be sure not to miss what lurking under the castle!”

Danielle C. and LeAndra both highly recommend Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. According to LeAndra, even as an adult she enjoyed walking through the maze and toward the Queen of Hearts’ Castle. She adds it is a fun spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and to also get some bright and colorful photos!

Adrianna adds that it’s important to note that many attractions at Disneyland Paris are quite thrilling! “Be prepared for extra speed, drops, dips, and delights. For those wary of extra thrills, it’s a good idea to research the attractions before riding. These attractions are more intense than you may be used to if you’ve visited Walt Disney World and/or Disneyland Resort.”

When deciding on your must-do attractions, it is important to note that Disneyland Paris does offer Disney Premier Access. Similar to Disney Genie+ service, guests pay for FastPass for quicker access to 16 of the most popular attractions. There are two versions of the service: Disney Premier Access One, valid for one attraction (price depending on the attraction), and Disney Premier Access Ultimate, valid for 16 attractions for one day.

6. Make Time to Enjoy the Parades and Shows

“The parades and shows at Disneyland Paris are fantastic,” says Adrianna. “They incorporate both French and English languages (English speakers will be able to follow along!) and showcase beautiful costumes, talented cast members, and dazzling show elements unique to Disneyland ParisArrive early to snag spots for parade or fireworks viewing!”

For Prince, there quite simply is no way to explain the wonder of “Dream… and Shine Brighter!” “This was the perfect combination of parade and castle stage show that was accompanied by some of the most incredible, high-spirited, and expressive choreography I have ever seen; the performers and characters all exuded such joy as they danced on platforms surrounding the Central Plaza, or what folks might consider to be Disneyland Park’s Hub. I recommend finding a spot in the middle of this area for the best possible experience with so much to see as the show surrounds you!” ”Dream … and Shine Brighter” celebrates Disneyland Paris’ 30thAnniversary and will end after September 30, 2023.

He adds that also unique to Disneyland Paris is the “inclusion of several hundred airborne performers, and the drones that light up the sky in impressively synchronized formations that elicit a chorus of Oohs and Ahhs from among the crowds of fellow adoring guests.”

7. Make Time to Simply Enjoy the Resort

“Take some time to walk around inside Sleeping Beauty Castle,” suggests Ana Paula. “The stained-glass windows are gorgeous … and you never know what might be lurking in the shadows. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!” Adrianna could not agree more as she always recommends guests slow down and take a stroll through Parc Disneyland to be rewarded by the immersive beauty, unique architecture, and design details that make this destination so appealing. 

“As a family of three adults, some of our best memories of our first Disneyland Paris vacation were taking time to explore some of the ‘hidden’ secrets of Disneyland Park!” says Shannon. “We were mesmerized by La Tanière du Dragon: a Fallen Legend when we dared to descend into the dungeon below Sleeping Beauty Castle. Over in Adventureland, we had a blast winding our way through the hidden passageways and crossing the swinging bridges on Adventure Isle, and then ending our exploration at Cool Post with a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, or Glace Mickey as they say at Disneyland Paris Resort.”

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