Official Merch Guide to Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

Unleash Your Wildside with New Zootopia Merchandise

Now that Zootopia is open at Shanghai Disney Resort, we just had to share a peek at the adorable and exclusive merchandise available in the land. From accessories perfect for a Judy Hopps or Nick Wilde look to themed hoodies, plush keychains and more, you will walk out of the land dressed in your Zootopia best — from head to paw!

Guests dressed as Nick Wilde in his iconic green button-down with a striped tie merchandise
Style Your Very Own Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Looks

Step onto “Mane” Street in looks just like your favorite leading characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde! If you want to match Nick, you can find his iconic green button-down with a striped tie, and for Judy, a blue college-style shirt featuring a cute tie is also available. There’s even corresponding Judy and Nick headbands and tails to complete the look.

Accessories to Complete the Look from Head to Paw

There are so many accessories to discover at Zootopia, it may just incite a scurry! If you’re on the lookout for headwear, there are quite a few options, including interactive headbands, baseball, fluffy and moveable hats.

But if you’re anything like us, you’re keeping an eye out for the always adorable plush keychains. At Zootopia, you can find both Nick and Judy in their classic outfits from the Walt Disney Animation Studios film.

New Zootopia sweatshirt merchandise
Staple Pieces to Add to Your Collection

We’re big fans of staple pieces and there are plenty to choose from at Zootopia! There’s a variety of sweatshirts and T-shirts, from a simple Zootopia graphic hoodie or T-shirt, or the fuzzy Judy and Nick fleece jackets complete with a hood and three-dimensional ears. We want to try one of everything, please!

O M Goodness, There’s More

There’s still more to share! Start your day off with a cup of coffee in a 3D character mug featuring Judy Hopps, Officer Clawhauser, Assistant Mayor Bellwether and more. Or grab a fleece Judy or Nick blanket for cold days featuring a hood and a small tail on the back. Talk about cute, right?

For those who love a good collection, the Disney Zootizen Set not only makes exploring the land easy, but you can also choose from six characters with each set including a plush magnet, card holder, welcome card and city exploration guide. The Zootopia Capsule Toy collection is also exclusive to the land and features unique characters on a stage-style background design — Finnick in his elephant costume is a need!

And that’s not all — there will be even more goodies heading to Zootopia! We have to know, what are you going to pick up first? If you’re planning a trip to the vibrant metropolis of Zootopia, make sure you check out our complete guide to the land.