First Look at ‘Luminous The Symphony of Us’ Coming Soon to EPCOT

We’re just over a month away from the launch of the latest nighttime spectacular from Disney Live Entertainment, “Luminous The Symphony of Us,” debuting Dec. 5 at EPCOT. Featuring dazzling fireworks, fountains, lights and music to connect us all through commonalities of the heart, this all-new show shines a light on how each of our unique melodies comes together to form a great symphony – the symphony of us.

Much like a beautiful piece of music, “Luminous The Symphony of Us” is made up of a series of movements, each representing life experiences that we have in common, showing us that we’re more alike than we are different. Punctuating these movements are two original songs written just for the spectacular, as well as new arrangements of carefully selected Disney songs we all know and love.  

At the start of the show, World Showcase comes to life as we hear voices from each pavilion welcoming us to this great gathering. With the tap of a conductor’s baton, our first movement begins with the original song, “Heartbeat Symphony.” For me, nothing says EPCOT nighttime spectacular like a sweeping ballad, and this one comes for you right out of the gate.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at some of the music recording sessions for “Luminous The Symphony of Us,” including a sneak preview of “Heartbeat Symphony.”

With the stage set, our symphony takes us to the tender love of parenthood, highlighting childhood moments where each of our journeys began and featuring a stirring, multilingual arrangement of “You’ll Be in My Heart.” The symphony then transitions to “Proud Corazón” as we find our voice in a movement dedicated to the bonds of family. Friendship follows, with classic songs like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and “Friend Like Me” taking us back to the days of recess and friendship bracelets.

Set to a sweeping arrangement of “So Close,” a personal favorite hidden gem from Disney’s “Enchanted,” the romance movement celebrates the moments when we find someone with whom our melody blends.

Inevitably in life, we experience the quiet loneliness of loss, but as “When She Loved Me” and “Remember Me” bring us “Into the Unknown,” the echoes of those around us remind us that we’re never truly alone. As we come out of the darkness, the music crescendos to “I See the Light” from “Tangled,” launching us into our finale – and our second original song, entitled “Beating of our Hearts” – where we all come together as one and find our place in the great symphony of life. 

As you can probably tell, music plays a critical role in telling this tale. That’s why the team at Disney Live Entertainment is so excited to work with Pinar Toprak once again on the show’s incredible score. You may know Pinar from her work on film soundtracks or heard her EPCOT anthem at night by Spaceship Earth. Among the choir of voices lending their vocal talents to the score are singer/songwriter Sheléa and the multi-talented Katharine McPhee.

As someone whose Disney career began in World Showcase, it’s hard to express how much the EPCOT nighttime spectaculars mean to me. I hope this first look makes you as excited as I am to share this new symphony together when it debuts Dec. 5– part of the grand finale as we near the completion of the multi-year transformation of EPCOT.