Duffy and Friends Welcome LinaBell!

Duffy and Friends Welcome LinaBell

We are so excited to introduce to you our new friend of Duffy, LinaBell. She is a fox with an inquisitive mind and the intelligence that supports it. She finds joy and excitement in solving problems and mysteries. 

Duffy met LinaBell when he was lost in the forest following a butterfly. LinaBell suddenly but masterfully took out her magnifying glass and started examining “clues” on Duffy’s body to figure out where he had come from. Thanks to her detective-like talent, Duffy was able to be reunited with Mickey Mouse. Duffy and the rest of the friends are often in awe of her ingenious ways of solving problems.

LinaBell teaches all of us to look around for clues. You never know; clues to our problems might be right in front of our eyes, and we just don’t know it!

Now that LinaBell has joined the family, you can look forward to more exciting and heartwarming tales in the story world of Duffy and Friends!

Guests can meet LinaBell at Shanghai Disney Resort starting Sept. 29, and they can also bring home their own LinaBell plush and many other items with which to enjoy their personal investigative journeys.

At the other sites where Duffy and Friends appear, LinaBell will make her debut there starting in Autumn 2022.