Disneyland Resort Cast Members Were the Real MVPs in the Super Bowl Cavalcade

The day after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, 25 Disneyland Resort cast members and their guests had a once-in-a-lifetime, front-row view to the MVP Cavalcade through Disneyland park featuring Patrick Mahomes.

Alejandro Rejin with friend holding Kansas City Chiefs jersey and Cast Life sign
Alejandro Rejin (right) with friend

“It’s an amazing experience. It’s not every day that you get to see Super Bowl winners so it really is a great time to be here!” said Alejandro Rejin, guest services.

Through a Magic Backstage opportunity, these football super fans were able to connect with their passion in a way uniquely available to cast members.

Manders Moreno with friend, Hannah standing on Main Street, U.S.A.
Manders Moreno (left) with friend, Hannah (right)

“I love football, so to be at an event like this is a lot of fun. Last year I got to watch it from afar, so being here now just reminds me that as cast members, we are rewarded in ways that are special to us,” said Manders Moreno, workforce management.

Manders also shares her love for football with her family. “I was brought up in a football family. My grandpa was a huge football fan, and he’s the one that taught me everything I know. He unfortunately passed away a few years ago, but football has just always been with me. I’m very passionate about it because it reminds me of him.”

To add to the celebration, cast members had the opportunity to bring a guest for a day in the park. Manders shared the experience with her friend Hannah, another football super fan. “Whenever there’s anything I can share with my friends and family, I greatly appreciate it… it really means a lot.”

Garett Heffner with Jeff Gibbs pictured with Patrick Mahomes in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle
Garett Heffner (left) with Jeff Gibbs (right) pictured with Patrick Mahomes

Cast members Garett Heffner, Disneyland north operations and Jeff Gibbs, marketing and sales even had the special opportunity to meet MVP Patrick Mahomes during his visit to Disneyland Resort.

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