Disney Vacation Club Transportation Cast Member Keeps the Magic Moving

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Call it destiny or the workings of faith, trust and pixie dust, The Walt Disney Company has a knack for attracting born-to-be magic makers into this special community of cast dedicated to delivering happiness. Take, for example, “Membership Magic Maker” Jose Batista, who lives, breathes and believes in the experiences he creates. A special part of the story, this Disney Vacation Club Transportation Coordinator has kept the magic moving for 33 years.

Inspired by his father – whose own Disney career began back in 1982, where he worked in EPCOT as a Cultural Representative at the Mexico Pavilion for 15 years – Jose, only 17 years old, moved from the Dominican Republic to Orlando, Florida, and later joined the “family” business in 1990.

EPCOT in 1990

Driven by his love for people and a father’s determination, in Jose’s first role, he operated in-park, double-decker buses at EPCOT. These retro-fashioned vehicles, once used to take guests around the World Showcase pavilions, served a purpose beyond accelerating one’s travel time. Most people enjoyed this elevated, around-the-world experience as a way to sit back, sightsee and soak in the magic.

With stops in Norway, Italy, France and Canada, Jose often called special attention when passing through Mexico. A nod to his home, he encouraged guests to stop inside the pavilion, not only for its spirited ambiance and delicious drinks but to say “hello” to his father for him.

“Of the many experiences I have had at Disney, working alongside my father is one I will treasure the most,” he recalled fondly.

Jose then became a van driver at Disney Vacation Club, where he’s made magic since 2003. Primarily responsible for taking Disney Vacation Club members and resort guests to the Preview Center at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, this opportunity dramatically expanded his dispatch experience, rolling out pick-up and drop-off locations all over Disney property.

Jose with guests in EPCOT

Today, Jose manages his own team of drivers. A reflection of our commitment to delivering that magical feeling, he motivates them to make the guest experience extra magical. Called “Magical Moments,” his cast use Disney Vacation Club vans to surprise and delight our inspired guests.

Jose believes that these moments of magic should be expected, whether a member is staying for a week at their home resort or spending a day at the parks. For instance, Jose once delivered a little pixie dust to a family who mistakenly boarded a bus to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort when intended to cap the evening at Disney Springs. He happily welcomed them into an available van, and one of his dispatch drivers made sure they got to their dinner reservation safely and with time to spare.

“A little magic here and there makes all the difference in the world,” he said. “I’m proud to be a part of Disney Transportation – we’re the engine that keeps the magic moving year after year.”

Jose with Toy Story Disney Vacation Club van