Celebrating Ramadan with Orlando Disney Cast

This week Muslim cast came together to celebrate Ramadan in person. Ramadan is the Islamic holy month and is a special time for Muslims. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for 29-30 days. This is a time of prayer, reflection and community for Muslims.

When Muslims break their fast at the end of the day, it is called an iftar. For the first time, Orlando-based Muslim cast gathered together at a Disney iftar to build community, celebrate and network with one another.

During the iftar, cast gathered in prayer and shared a traditional halal meal after the sunset.

For Mohamad Abbasi, EPCOT merchandise sales, the evening helped him feel supported during Ramadan. “A big part of what I’d been missing this Ramadan was the traditional iftars of my community back home and the family dinners I’ve always loved during Ramadan. This iftar gave that to me and in such a special way. At this midway point in Ramadan, seeing the inclusivity supported by Disney really helped to give me the extra strength to get through the rest of the month.”

Mohamad and others shared their tradition with fellow cast “This iftar was extra special for me as it gave me a chance to share a traditional iftar with my partner, Mary Kate, as well. As a fellow EPCOT cast member, she was able to join the event and see what our prayer looked like as well as try some of our traditional food and see what a classic iftar is like. It was so special for me to be able to share this with her.”