Celebrating 90 Years of Donald Duck 

Donald Duck, Happy Birthday

It’s Donald Duck’s birthday and we’re honoring our feathered friend with a fabulous flock of Disney surprises – past and present

Whether quacking us up at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawai`i, waddling his way into hearts at Disneyland Resort or letting his feathers fly at Walt Disney World – everything is just ducky when Donald is around. So, for his special day, we’ve rounded up some rare and fascinating photos in (and out) of our parks – as well as a few top merchandise items you’ll want in 2024! 

Donald Duck in parade, celebrating - vintage photo

As many of you know, Donald made his debut back in 1934 in the Silly Symphony, “The Wise Little Hen” and became a favorite at Disney parks over the years.

Fifty years after his debut, we celebrated Donald in a big way at Disney World with a special Magic Kingdom Park parade – captured in the rare photo above. Donald, Daisy Duck and even Grandma Duck (Donald’s grandmother) were front and center during the celebration. 

Donald Duck in parade, vintage photo

Many of Donald’s fellow fowl friends joined the festivities on Main Street, U.S.A., in 1984.  The party included Uncle Scrooge, Ludwig Von Drake, nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and of course, Daisy.  Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse led the celebration to the cheers of Donald fans. 

Donald Duck on Jet Skis

A few years later, in 1987, Donald was captured on Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney World with Goofy – as seen in this rare photo in front of Magic Kingdom park in Florida.

Donald Duck by Dumbo attraction

From the beginning, when Walt Disney started his weekly TV show in 1954, many of the early episodes featured Donald.  And over the years, Donald became one of our most well-traveled Disney characters, spreading happiness – and fun mischief – around the world.   

At Hong Kong Disneyland, the loveable duck with the temperamental personality snapped his own memorable selfie (captured, above) at the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction in Fantasyland. 

Donald Duck with drink in tropical attire at Disneyland Paris

At Disneyland Paris, our irascible friend enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Donald Duck at Aulani

With a combination of Disney magic and Hawaiian beauty, Donald was right at home years ago, relaxing in the tropical paradise of Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawai`i.

Donald Duck in Alaska

Back in 2009, we captured Donald perfecting his snowball toss at a beautiful location in Juneau, Alaska.  

Donald Duck as Donaldo, Snake Charmer

Donald has also been hilariously hypnotic and overwhelmingly exuberant as seen in a photo captured years ago at Walt Disney World Resort.

Donald Duck in surf attire

Donald with a surfboard was also ready to “hang ten” in a special moment captured at the Disneyland Resort. 

And to celebrate Donald in style, we’re also sharing a few of 2024’s top items, including fun T-shirts, mugs and new must-have gear. Don’t miss the amazing artwork and more at Donald’s section at the Disney Store and more items at other online locations. 

Donald Duck as a large water float

We hope you enjoyed our special celebration of Donald Duck with a few favorite memories! Be sure to check back for more of these types of stories here on the Disney Parks Blog.