Celebrate Her Story: Meet the Engineers Keeping the Attractions Moving at Disney

Disney Parks are home to some of the most innovative and immersive experiences for guests around the world.  This Women’s History Month, we are shining a spotlight on two engineers who are essential in keeping the attractions moving at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Senior Managers of Engineering Services Angel Price and Sarah Wood help lead a talented team of cast members including mechanics, technicians and engineers to help maintain these beloved experiences for thousands of guests year-round.   

“We are the team behind the scenes keeping the magic alive,” Angel said. And there’s a whole lot of magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom like feeling a banshee breathe on your legs on Avatar Flight of Passage or boarding a Time Rover to transport you back to the Cretaceous period on DINOSAUR.

Sarah and Angel work closely with teams at the other three Walt Disney World theme parks and many other groups to help improve the guest experience. On any given day, Sarah and Angel might work with the Global Engineering and Technology team and sustaining engineers to add lines of code to ride control messaging systems or use some of the newest cutting-edge technologies to help keep our attractions running.   

With degrees in mechanical engineering from Penn State University and Purdue University, Sarah and Angel love being boots on the ground with their cast to inspect a gearbox or prep a vehicle attraction for a fresh coat of paint. While these changes might go unnoticed, Sarah, Angel and their team work together to bring guests a memorable experience.   

“We rely on each other because our goal is to have every attraction in tip-top shape so our guests can have the very best experience, be completely immersed in new and timeless stories and create unforgettable memories every time they ride,” Sarah said.

As engineers, Angel and Sarah do much more than ensure attractions are running smoothly – they’re also responsible for the professional growth of their cast members by encouraging them to learn new things so they can become better technicians, mechanics, engineers and continue pushing the boundaries of innovation at Disney. “Every day, we ask ourselves ‘What can we improve today?’ and that includes our cast,” Sarah said.

As we recognize Women’s History Month, Angel and Sarah take immense pride in their work and lead their teams with dignity and authenticity. While the two could have taken their careers anywhere as women engineers, they chose Disney – a place where all are welcome.

“My goal has always been to work as authentically as I can,” Angel said. “At Disney, I can dress how I want, wear my hair how I like and walk around with a rhinestone-covered flashlight because this company celebrates our differences and celebrates inclusion.”