Behind the Nametag: Disney Cast Member Celebrates 30 Years of Career Magic

Only a Disney cast member could tell you about the magical moments that come from walking in Walt Disney’s footsteps at the Disneyland Resort, and Quinn Shurian is no exception.  

Quinn was given his first glimpse into a Disney career when he wrote a letter to Disney guest services for an eighth-grade report. As a result, he received a large packet of information about Disneyland and Walt Disney that sparked his imagination and led to the beginning of his Disney career, which has spanned over 30 years.

Quinn’s Disney journey is full of incredible stories and traditions that continue to celebrate his love for the company. Still, some of his most memorable times involve his work directly with the cast and the community. 

“The personal relationships I’ve made, the friends that I’ve made, the opportunities I’ve been given have been so varied and so incredible it makes it easy to stay here 30 years.” 

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