Answers: New Disneyland Resort Halloween Scavenger Hunt For Families

Welcome back, specter scavenger! You’ve proven your bravery on this journey to solve these riddles thirteen, but are the sights you found throughout Disneyland Resort confirmed by spirits from regions beyond? Get ready for the answers to the New Disneyland Resort Halloween Scavenger Hunt For Families to be uncovered before your very eyes!


Riddle: On the main street you follow if you look up after a while, you’ll find a 20th century musician with a pompadour style.

Answer: Off to a great start! This is our scarily talented pumpkin, located at the 20th Century Music Company on Main Street USA. Let the gourd times roll!

Elvis Pumpkin

Riddle: At the festively frightening house Halloween cheer seems to overflow, there is a noble steed hitched and ready to go.

Answer: Not so foolish mortal! You spotted the Ghost Horse at the Haunted Mansion. Keep it up!

Haunted Mansion Ghost Horse

Riddle: Where jazz comes alive, there are many places in which to take pause. In one window, you can find a collection of skeleton items, who all love “Sandy Claws”.

Answer: You got it, you’re very skull-ful at this! You’ve stumbled upon a merchandise window display with items inspired by “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas,” across from Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Jack Skellington, inspired by Tim Burton’s The
Nightmare Before Christmas merch

Riddle: In Frontierland is a plant you can’t miss, growing ghoulish gourds unlike any you’ve seen before this.

Answer: Orange you glad you found it? You found this eerily unusual Halloween Tree in Frontierland!

Fun fact: It was the invention of fellow Disney lover Ray Bradbury in his novel “The Halloween Tree.” He always dreamt of having a Halloween tree at Disneyland—and on All Hallows Eve 2007, the 35th anniversary of the novel, that wish came true!

Halloween jack-o-lantern

Riddle: “To Infinity and beyond!” this pumpkin would shout to all. Say hi to Mickey Mouse and Walt while you visit this intergalactic pal.

Answer: You’ve got a friend with this special pumpkin! Way to go on spotting this Buzz Lightyear pumpkin located near the Disneyland Park Partners Statue in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Elvis Pumpkin

Riddle: In the afternoon this frightful pair may be found in New Orleans Square, go say hello, take a picture, but don’t have a nightmare.

Answer: Boo! Congratulations on finding Jack Skellington and Sally, from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas,” located at 21 Royal Street in New Orleans Square! Hopefully they didn’t send too many shivers up your spine.

Jack Skellington and Sally, from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas
Disney California Adventure

Riddle: At the Collector’s Fortress, monsters run amok after 3. If you pay attention to the screen, a familiar ghostly face you may see.

Answer: You found Yondu’s Ghost cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark video in the queue! Hope this stop didn’t have too many highs and lows.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Monsters After Dark

Riddle: In a land full of cars we have a ghoulish blue friend, if you’re going to Casa Della Tires he is there to welcome you in.

Answer: Don’t you just love his cars-tume? You’ve found Guido in Cars land!

Guido in Carsland dressed up for Halloween

Riddle: All beware, it’s the season of the dead. On Buena Vista Street, you might even stumble upon a man with no head.

Answer: Don’t lose your head! You found him! Say hello to the Headless Horseman statue on Buena Vista street.

Headless Horseman statue on
Buena Vista Street

Riddle: At the entrance of the park, you’ll find a frightful sight. He’s someone you can expect to see better at night.

Answer: Even Oogie Boogie couldn’t beat your odds! You found this Oogie Boogie décor at the Disney California Adventure park entrance!

Oogie Boogie sign at Disney California Adventure Park entrance

Riddle: At the top of an iconic tower, you’ll miss it if you look down, you’ll find a horde of vampiric creatures flying around.

Answer: You’ve got a good eye, you spotted the bats on top of Carthay Circle Restaurant! Seems you’ve really sunk your teeth into this scavenger hunt.

bats at the Carthay Circle Restaurant tower
Downtown Disney District

Riddle: Tired of the fright and want something with more flair? Check out The Disney Dress Shop, and you may find a stylish pumpkin there.

Answer: You’re not almost there, you’re there! You found the Princess Tiana-inspired pumpkin located at The Disney Dress Shop in Downtown Disney District!

Tiana pumpkin

Riddle: If during the day you’re searching for a sweet treat, in Downtown Disney District you’ll find an apple like what Snow White had to eat.

Answer: Answer: You found the Skull Apple available at Marceline’s Confectionary! This green Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel enrobed in red-colored white chocolate and green-colored white chocolate skull face is wickedly good! It is also available at Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen, Pooh Corner, and Trolley Treats.

Skull Apple

How many did you get? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for embarking on this haunting Halloween adventure with us through Disneyland Resort! No matter how you celebrate the Halloween season, we hope you have a very gourd time!

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